Tuesday, May 05, 2009

FLU updates

As of May 05, the World Health Organization (WHO)  have officially reported 985 cases of the A (H1N1) infection... 

But this flu is in humans not in swine. So certain precautions have been done to protect our piggies from infected human beings.  The flu outbreak first reported in Mexico are in human and not in swine, although after the pigs become infected, they can infect humans also.  So precautions to keep infected people away from pigs are being done and necessary quarantines are being ordered to help the spread of this threat.  Around 6,000 pigs were killed and cremated becuase of they've acquired an infection and and certain hog farmers are being quarantined.

For the Past decades, we blame the animals for our diseases.Roles have been reversed this time. 

well, except for Canada where they found  A (H1N1) virus in pigs.

As an extra precaution, it is recommended to wash our hands longer. Senator Loren Legarda recommends that we wash our hands as we Sing the Happy Birthday song twice (the song only lasts 30sec).  

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