Monday, July 07, 2008

iPhone 3G is almost out!!!

When iPhone came out, I was salivating at it...Now.? tulo japon akong laway hahaha!

I mean who wouldn't want a revolutionary phone with a widescreen iPod that is also internet capable (rich HTML email plus desktop)...but heard that it was having i abstained --biting my lip and holding on to my money so that I wouldn't give in to the tempation of buying something beyond what I can afford...and regret afterwards...

but I stumbled on an article that stated the next gen of iPhone, to be called IPHONE 3G will be now be released in 22 different countries this JULY 11...but that is not what I am excited about...what made me scream was that its price was to start at $199 eeeeehhhhhh!!!!!!!

ang pangutana, pila kaya ang patong ani pag abot sa atoh...tagem...

(Black model, 8gb is $199 while the white one with 16gb is $299)!

New features of iPhon 3G
  • Faster, 3G data networking. One demo took 59 seconds on the old EDGE network, 21 seconds on the iPhone 3G, compared to 17 seconds on WiFi. Apple claims it’s 26% faster than competing models from Nokia and Treo.

  • Longer battery life. 300 hours standby, 10 hours 2G talk, 5 hours 3G talk, 5-6 hours browsing, 7 hours video, 24 hours audio.

  • Better audio. No details were available on this.

  • Integrated GPS, including live GPS tracking.

it will be available on july 11, 8am in these countries:

iPhone 3G will be available in these countries later this year...



Anonymous said...

so sad Malaysia not in the list :(

13thWiTCH said...

@azlan - don't worry kiddo, sooner or later it will reach ur place ^.^ (officially...or NOT officially =P)