Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines and such

wicked 2009 valentine

I've never been a big fan of Valentines and the cooing and wooing that comes with it.  I don't like going out because it's happy hearts day, the horizontal extravagance that comes with the celebration is almost always too much to bear.  Roses and other flowers' prices are way beyond reason and chocolates and cakes have suddenly become too special for normal prices when in fact, all they added was a heart and card.  The marketing scheme happening is making my head pound... but logically speaking -- not because of Valentines, but becuase of what happens when its Valentines.  

Do you notice how ceilings are flocked with paper hearts in red sprinkled with gold glitters and stitched with ribbons on the side? I mean can we not make something new?!!!!! is Valentine's officially that corny???!!!!

May I suggest another way of celebrating Valentines? 

like flocking all single ladies and single men together for a dating game ---- NO COUPLES ALLOWED! oooohhh!  

A mixer party for single men and women.  Ohhh...If something like this happens next year... it would be fun...Maybe I'll do one like this next year... no couples allowed...a LOVAPALOOZA of single men and women, mixing to find a partner to kiss at midnight! oh yeah... perfect. An Outdoor party with crazy lights, funky music and free glitters to put on the body to indicate you've been on to this party. 

With a team of make up artists and hair stylists to pretty you up before we gush you to the dancefloor... the main statement is : NOBODY is allowed to be ugly tonight... 

Either u come beautiful or we force beauty on you hahaha!

Anyways, we kinda sorta partied with some friends at Felis last 14.  The band, NOMANCAN, is great. A three-man-band of different nationalites.  The drummer is Filipino, The Bass is American, and the Lead and Vocals is German...

Imagine my amusement when the German Lead sang Bamboo's "Pinoy Ako" -- And he did a very good rendition, if I may add -- but  the irony of having to hear someone foreign sing that song to an almost perfection is just giving me goosebumps.  I couldn't help but laugh at the thought of it... I used to hear  my old neighbors trying to sing that song... the Filipino Blood in them is not helping hahaha!

See more photos in Flickr but mugshots of Lovers are available in our photoblog.

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