Friday, December 31, 2010

Ayos Dito

Checked out  And found myself entertained with the map on the frontpage.  I accidentally found fun in the form of hovering.  The map is colored in different shades of green and is labeled by regions.  A region turns to dark green when you hover it.  Spent a few moments running the mouse over the map just to see the regions light up as the cursor passed by ^.^    I have come across this site before and even tried to buy a truck except that someone beat me to it =(  Almost all of the best bargains I get are from online deals.  For those unfamiliar with, it's a buy and sell website where buyers posts things they want to buy and where sellers (not necessarily merchandisers) virtually display whatever it is that they wan to sell.  In Ayos Dito, you can search sellers by regions (or entire Philippines) and you can search items by categories.  Or you can opt to have the cheapest bargains to be shown first in a certain region, say, in Davao region and the category would be under Properties, House and lot for sale.  

My daughter and I oggled at this Komatsu 545 Payloader.  Its big, mean, and yellow. what more could you ask for?  it's like my truck's great great uncle ^.^

Because we are avoiding traffic, Noah and I decided to spend time looking for gifts online.  We argued over stuff toys, accessories and clothes.  She threw a fit when i started looking for certain accessories and parts for my truck.  I told her, I have far this December, I managed to run down a lamp post, destroy a fence, enslaved a motorcycle driver, and founded a fans club of greasy machine shop boys who are ready to get down and dirty whenever colonel (my truck -- sometimes we call him "the beast") throws a tantrum.  Reminded her how hard it was to get a taxi and we always get the ones where the drivers don't seem to know how to drive.  She rolled her eyes and commented on the spiral notebook theme the site has...her way of changing the subject as her mother is starting to monologue.  and to think she is just grade one.  What happened to the unquestionable authority of parents over their kids? :P


Greg Roberts said...

you might be a redneck if...your online shopping site sells front end loaders

13thWiTCH said...

hehe =P