Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Visconde Case

If Hubert Webb is indeed innocent, our decadent judicial system is again proving to us how inutile it is.  
But as citizens, didn't we play a part by overlooking the fact that no proper proceedings were executed, and yet, we rallied to have this man's head to be on the platter because we FELT, it was the right thing to do?

Had they declared him innocent before, I could imagine us rioting at the same decadent system we ridicule now.

Which makes me wonder... what makes us so expert in terms of defining justice when we cant even examine our own selves. 

Links that may be useful:
Ms. Janet Toral's insight on Hubert Webb and the Vizconde Case
I like this post because it shares photos of various documents and the like

Manila Times' Article on Vizconde Case with maid testimony
by Jonathan M. Hicap, January 15, 2005

Hubert Webb's Facebook Page discussion on Jessica Alfaro's Alleged Testimonies

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