Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not like the movies

Not Like The Movies
(KC Concepcion)
I’m your average dreamer, I’m a true escapist
Always expecting a happy ending
Maybe I’ve been watching too many movies
Maybe I should grow up and start pretending
When I saw your face love, everything was slow mo
And I started wondering why..?…
Why can’t it be?
Just a pathway full of roses
Leading to a sunset view
Where the one you’ve always dreamed of waits
Why can’t it be?
It was like a movie scene, the way I felt for you
Only you didn’t fall, now it’s not like the movies at all
(…not like the movies at all..)
Should have kept my heart shut
Should have been more patient
Should I kept an eye on my addiction
What was I expecting
Did I have a vision of a scene
That only lives in fiction
Now I know that you are not gonna be my co-star?
And it started wondering why..


Anonymous said...

emo2x lagi ta run? hahaha! -al

13thWiTCH said...

@al - hahah of course =P