Monday, March 07, 2011

Filipino Accent Tutorial by Mikey Bustos

I find this video interesting.  It's amazing how simple, and funny, things like this sheds light to some trivial little misconceptions.  Yes, it was done in jest and what he talks about may not be accurate but it paints a certain picture as to why pinoys' accent, sometimes, is such.

1. Spanish colonialism - 300 years of spanish colonialism added influence to the pinoy's persepective and language.  The spanish language is heavily mandated by accent.  Words ending in a vowel; n or s are stressed on the first syllable -- e.g. libro, mesa, lunes.  Words ending in consonant (not N and S), the stress is on the last syllable -- e.g. papel, verdad

2. The Filipino Alphabet - Alibata,  our very own alphabet do not have an F or a TH


Rene Caparas, Fairview, QC said...

Muchos gratias amiga bonita por los informaciones; no soy habla Espanol mucho pero pequeno; hasta la vista; viva la Leah en las islas de Filipinas...

13thWiTCH said...

sí, usted es un poco español apesta pero son bienvenidos rene :P