Thursday, September 11, 2008


hi guys, am in manila right now - and gosh, do i miss davao. this city is waay too expensive for me! waaahhh anyways, i arrived yesterday afternoon and ill be here till the 12th-- and it feels like an eternity already. well, maybe because i'm bored, it seems as if all my friends migrated somewhere far from i was holed up in my room last night waiting for something to fall from the sky -- or the cieling, rather. I'm happy nothing happened though, the management wouldn't let go of me then if i don't pay up for the damage...and that is trouble waaahhhh

anyways, that is not the reason for this post, but that is a good rant. i needed that... now i feel better.

and for the news of the day: i've officially migrated to -- it is still not fully done, but hten again, sites are always half-baked...we always find something to tweak everytime the urge to do so is felt. and we almost always feel it when we look at our sites, don't we all? but yes, find me there... i've imported my posts from here... so u can just browse...and get lost. im still making the navigation friendly enough hehehe!

i'm having slush for breakfast! well, that is something davao doesn't have ^.^ ok so im kinda happy now ^.^