Friday, December 31, 2010

Ayos Dito

Checked out  And found myself entertained with the map on the frontpage.  I accidentally found fun in the form of hovering.  The map is colored in different shades of green and is labeled by regions.  A region turns to dark green when you hover it.  Spent a few moments running the mouse over the map just to see the regions light up as the cursor passed by ^.^    I have come across this site before and even tried to buy a truck except that someone beat me to it =(  Almost all of the best bargains I get are from online deals.  For those unfamiliar with, it's a buy and sell website where buyers posts things they want to buy and where sellers (not necessarily merchandisers) virtually display whatever it is that they wan to sell.  In Ayos Dito, you can search sellers by regions (or entire Philippines) and you can search items by categories.  Or you can opt to have the cheapest bargains to be shown first in a certain region, say, in Davao region and the category would be under Properties, House and lot for sale.  

My daughter and I oggled at this Komatsu 545 Payloader.  Its big, mean, and yellow. what more could you ask for?  it's like my truck's great great uncle ^.^

Because we are avoiding traffic, Noah and I decided to spend time looking for gifts online.  We argued over stuff toys, accessories and clothes.  She threw a fit when i started looking for certain accessories and parts for my truck.  I told her, I have far this December, I managed to run down a lamp post, destroy a fence, enslaved a motorcycle driver, and founded a fans club of greasy machine shop boys who are ready to get down and dirty whenever colonel (my truck -- sometimes we call him "the beast") throws a tantrum.  Reminded her how hard it was to get a taxi and we always get the ones where the drivers don't seem to know how to drive.  She rolled her eyes and commented on the spiral notebook theme the site has...her way of changing the subject as her mother is starting to monologue.  and to think she is just grade one.  What happened to the unquestionable authority of parents over their kids? :P

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sarangani Adventure

coastal view
Sarangani has earned a spot in my travel plans.  I've never realized that a stretch of white sand beaches exists there...and not as expensive and as crowded as bora!  Kainnneeeessss, ngayon ko lang nalaman.  

The beaches we visited in Gumasa Glan, Sarangani were soooo nice! and take note...we were traveling on paved roads.  I was so sure that we were already in the middle of nowhere, but no bumpy rides on this trip...well except for the common minor ones that lasts a meter long.

We visited Isla Jardin Del Mar, Davak Ridge Beach Resort, Yoshikawa Crystal Island Beach Resort, and White Haven Beach Resort -- all in Glan. Enrico Dee of even shared that there is an Indonesian community existing somewhere in Glan.

Before, when I hear of the place Sarangani, I always associate it with the Blaan tribe. Period.  And I know next to nothing about the Blaan culture.  Needless to say, I had this ambiguous assumption that Saranggani is this place in the province.  No imagery of beaches and great cuisines pass my mind...nor have I ever thought of it as a place to go to to relax.  Now I know better.

facilities and scenery is not to be frowned at
 @ Lemlunay Resort there is an infinity pool overlooking the
at the Lemlunay Resort
Will go to snorkle here next year!!! yeba! they have great
diving spots also ^.^
Sarangani Province has been an endless wonder for me.  While I was there gawking at new discoveries and listening to people talk about the place, I couldn't help myself from falling in love with it.  The cultural history is rich, the people are friendly, the beaches are white...and the sunset, regardless of the missed boat ride is just so worth it.  And yes, I know I've been ranting about beaches, as I am a beach bum, but I had my loudest shriek at the Pangi River when the group went down to experience tubing.  

For those not familiar with tubing, it's cruising the river the crazy way.  You don on a helmet and a life jacket ( we both had fun trying on our gear and pretending we are going biking =P ) and you subject yourself to the river with only a rubber tube to hang on.  And mind you, it's better to do this when the river current is fast --- and to make things difficult, There will be boulders bigger than you are.  If you come across one, as our guide would say, do not kick it.  And yeah, its not fun if you fall off the rubber tube, so as to not ruin everyone's afternoon ride, avoid drowning by hanging on for dear life.  And you can scream all you want.  Everybody will be busy shrieking too so don't worry about it.

all geared up for tubing!
expect to drink a lot of river water too coz the ride will
make you scream!!!!
Food there was a delight too.  We had bangsi and fresh greens paired with bagoong for breakfast prepared by Cresing's Food Products in Maitum.  Bangsi is salted flying fish and best eaten with vinegar and rice.  Maitum is best known as producers of rice and it also boasts of the best Bangsi in the province.  Cresing's also offered its world class coffee made out of brown rice, corn, and lemon grass.  For lunch we had chicken satay and hawaiian kinilaw amongst others in Lemlunay Resort.  And last but not the least-- the best entree we had for the day, actually, was Kalambingan.  Dishes made out of lamb and goat - papaitan and kaldereta prepared by Isla Meloussa Beach Resort. 

Little trivia: Meloussa is an "anagram" of Ssaloume.  

**Also the dishes they prepared for us were actually not common dishes served in resorts.  Most would offer bbq or grilled fish or any food that's easy to prepare.  In Davao, I seldom find these type of dishes and almost all of the time, I get to taste them in private functions within our family circle.  It is a special dish.  My dad used to have these dishes cooked everytime he celebrates his birthday =)

food! food! food!
We also visited Balungis Women Association and discovered that these Maguindanaoan women handweave silk into fine cloth.  We met some of the women and they who showed us traditional weaving.  They make bags, belts, wallets, and other cloth-based products.

DTI-Socksargen is actively promoting their OTOP (One Town, One Product) project.  A project that helps create jobs and business opportunities for the people in Saranggani.  Glan, Malungon, Maitum, Alabel, Maasim, Malapatan, and Kiamba -- all seven towns are now being supported by the local government for their financing needs as local governments identify, develop and promote a specific product or service to help their local economy. 

"Glan town chose to develop various coco-based products for food, beverage and handicrafts; fresh and processed mango for Malungon; marinated fish for Maitum; fresh cardaba banana for Alabel; fresh and processed cardaba banana for Maasim; fresh cardaba banana for Malapatan; and, abaca-based products such as T’nalak and other handicraft for Kiamba." -- Allen V. Estabillo, Mindanews

My experience in Sarangani has changed a lot of my expectations about the area.  And to experience it once is just not enough.  So for next year, I'm definitely coming back...especially now that I've learned that the famous Tarsier, only known to be found in bohol is actually endemic to this coastal province.  Surprise? yeah, me too ^.^

Friday, December 17, 2010

Socksargen Blogfest 2010

I have not seen so many bloggers in one location until I attended the BlogFest SOCCSKSARGEN 2010 last December 11 in East Asia Royale Hotel in Gensan.  And even though I could not remember my first blogpost, I could still remember why I decided to have one.  It was therapeutic for me.  It helps me stay put and it kills idle time.  Needless to say, I blogged about -- ME ME ME.  But now my concept of blogging has developed into something bigger than I.  And its not only me who is realizing this.

Blogs nowadays do not only contain the author's emo moments.  It now speaks of technology, tourism, politics, entertainment and more.  Blogs have morphed from personal to business.  And why not?  Blogs create good networks and thus creates more opportunities.  It can even get you a job or make self-employment easier.

It is apparent that across the globe, being online has been a part of many people's lives.  We have managed to merge our daily lives with our online personas.  We engage in blog-like activities like status updates in our social networking pages and we post photos to share for our online community to see.  We get news online, and sometimes, the internet is faster in delivering tidbits of what's happened than the media.  Communication has never been so easy and fast...sometimes, it beats real time.

With these things happening, Blogfest Organizer Avel Manansala did not waste time in coming up with an event that will help existing bloggers in their blogging career.  It was also, in a way, for me, a matter of re-organizing my goals and my perspective on why blogging is good for everyone.  Avel shared his reason why he blogged and a noble reason it was:  He sees blogging as a way to send good news to people abroad about the Philippines and he wanted to help paint a better picture of Mindanao.

Sad but true, a lot of people still think that we live primitively in the south.  Their expectations of our way of life here is somewhat short to barbaric -- warring tribes and all.  They'd be surprise to know that during the Blogfest Festival, the registration was a breeze and that it was all digital.  even the ID's were printed on the spot.  A one day blogfest with around ten experts as speakers from different parts of the globe to share their knowledge and expertise.

They were great, they talk of a lot of things-- some I'm familiar with, some are just amazing discoveries.  Things that I know, things I've never heard of and things I should  remember often.  Davao Bloggers' very own Ms. Ria Jose made the opening address and Ms. Janet Toral flew to GenSan from Manila to share her insights about blogging and business, to name a few.  But my favorite speaker was Bobby Soriano.  He was great at his presentation --Internet Security...and boy! how he made people freeze in their seats when he showed them his hacks of their online activities.

Simply put, the blogfest was a raving success.  It was not only informative, it was fun! especially when the-ganda-ever-so-much-queen Orman took the stage and shared that through his blog madaming nagladlad.  Shows how powerful some posts have become.

The digital platform has become another world and people are slowly discovering its sweet spots.  I've found my space in my blog, others in their social networks and friends...where's yours?

Congratulations Socksargen Bloggers for a job well done :) 

Mr. Bobby Soriano and Mr. Avel Manansala

Ms. Janet Toral of Digital Filipino

Kevin Pacquet with his "admirer"


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Visconde Case

If Hubert Webb is indeed innocent, our decadent judicial system is again proving to us how inutile it is.  
But as citizens, didn't we play a part by overlooking the fact that no proper proceedings were executed, and yet, we rallied to have this man's head to be on the platter because we FELT, it was the right thing to do?

Had they declared him innocent before, I could imagine us rioting at the same decadent system we ridicule now.

Which makes me wonder... what makes us so expert in terms of defining justice when we cant even examine our own selves. 

Links that may be useful:
Ms. Janet Toral's insight on Hubert Webb and the Vizconde Case
I like this post because it shares photos of various documents and the like

Manila Times' Article on Vizconde Case with maid testimony
by Jonathan M. Hicap, January 15, 2005

Hubert Webb's Facebook Page discussion on Jessica Alfaro's Alleged Testimonies

Make some love. Earn some living.

Do what you love...for me, is a bad career advice.
How many times we find ourselves saying it to other people?
How many times have we been fed with that cliche?
Too many to count, I guess.  It has become an integrated part of our growing up.
Our seniors would often highlight their success by saying they have succeeded because they are doing what they love.  Don't believe them.  They are successful because they are good at what they do.

And no, they are no more lucky than you are.

Thing is, we are complicated, multi-faceted, and our interest shifts as time goes by.
We do not only love one thing. 
We love a lot of things.  
And how do we know what it is that we love for sure?
We love in different ways.  
We love accordingly.  
we love simultaneously.  
We don't deliberate and assess ourselves why we love.  
We just do.  

and to choose one thing that we love as a career can have its problems.  
Say, sex and food.  Our love for the two is something we all share.  

We love sex.  
We do it, but we do not get paid for it -except for the professionals.  
And would you want to be one? 

In my case, I'd have to lose a lot of pounds which means I must starve myself one way or another.  I'm not good at that, I get grumpy when I am hungry.  
Customers don't like grumpy service providers. 
And  I love to eat... I love sweets, cutting my sugar high is just downright suicidal. 
Dead service provider are never hired.

And we are more than our love for sex (and of any other things we value) least I think I am...I hope you feel the same way too.  And even if the sex industry sounds promising, not all of us who loves it are good at it.  

And how can you make a career of something that you are not good at?   
I tried and I downright failed miserably.  I love food and don't ask me how many times I tried learning how to cook. I just suck.  Period.  I almost put my mom's kitchen on fire which is no kitchen anyway (I'm too clever to use my own kitchen hehe).  And looking at people's reactions over my cooking is just not good for the ego and self-esteem.  

We love sex and we love food but we intermittently love them because we also love other things.  
We don't jump into bed with someone because the opportunity presents itself nor do we eat every food offered to us.  We choose partners and we select food.  We create choices and love in categories.   
In some instances, we restrain.  And it's crazy but sometimes, not giving in to something we love to do has its own satisfaction.

So get over the fact that if you don't do the things you love, you won't be happy.  
That is just bull.  
If that is true, try gluttoning on sex and food for a month without a break.  That should ensure one month of straight happiness. But you know what's gonna happen.  You'd lose your mind.   You'd feel miserable.  The things you hate, suddenly you crave just to break the monotony.  By this time, you'd do anything...just anything to get away from it. 

Why is it a problem to do the things you love as a career again?
It is impossible to do all the things you love.
If you still insist, I think, it would be a long unending career search. Try forever.

A career, like marriage obliges you to become loyal.
It requires you spend time with it and you are not allowed not find another mistress.  Companies call it, conflict of interest.Otherwise, it bitches and makes you feel incompetent. It asks for your devotion and once you give it, it opens up unending opportunities for you.  And if you love so many things, monogamy might be a little too heavy for you to handle.  You can only cheat on your partner for so long before one catches you and send you back to hell where you came from. (ok I made that up -- the where you came from part...ehehe.  Regardless, you are going to hell.)

A career is successful if one is consistent in building it and thus, the foundation of your career must first be consistent-- meaning a career should have a solid base.  
Love may be a many splendored thing but it is not consistent and neither can we count on it as solid.  
Simple, we change our minds and we project love in many ways.  
Love requires us to be creative and dynamic.  
Love pushes us to be experimental.  
Love loves to shake our stability.  
Yes, it sounds all exciting, but you have to remind yourself that your job is not to keep you excited, it is to provide you an earning.  
We cannot change our career every so often every time our love for something dies. 

I'm not saying get a job you hate.  That is insane.

I'm saying working is not about a matter of doing what you love most, but a question of what you are great at.  I tried doing a project before because I love doing programs that can help communities.  But the problem is, that certain project requires a certain expertise in the medical field that I do not have.  I cannot relate.  
My degree in philosophy did not help either.  
I tried studying but it made me feel constricted and all the more confused. 
Helpless is the word, misunderstood is second, Inefficient is the third.  
It's like fitting a large foot in a small shoe.  
All you get is frustration.  My love for helping did not cease but it did not make me effective either.

However if you build on your strengths and you develop it, you are sure to get somewhere.  
A career is something we do to get rewarded.  Love expects no reward.

Love serves a different purpose in our lives.
Don't ask that it pay your rent, buy you food, and get you a car.  Love is too good for that.

And because Love is too snobby to get us our selfish desires of luxury, Career is there to balance it out ---because Loving cannot put food on the table, Career is there to make sure you eat.  No, they don't work against eachother.  In fact they compliment, Career makes sure you are alive so that you can Love effectively.

Our career is just part of us, it is not our life. 
A job is still a job. At the end of the day, it is our relationships that shape the greatness of our lives.

But having a career you are good at is just as important as loving.  A career gives you a sense of being valued in monetary form and/or how you contribute to the society.  It can also be fulfilling because having a good career means paying the bills and giving yourself and your family the luxury money can afford.  How we do our job, whether we follow structure or not, is how the society calibrate our value.  That's why we appreciate people who are great in their fields...

You don't get paid doing what you love.
Regardless of what you say, you are not getting paid because you love it.
You are getting paid because you can pull the job off.
Know the difference.  
The moment you slack and someone outperforms you, your love for the job might help you strive to develop your skills and become better so as not to lose it.  
But at the end of the day, it's still whether you are able to deliver or not.  

So instead of saying, do what you love, why don't we say, do what you are good at and love it.  Putting your strengths as the primary requirement on choosing a career instead of putting what you want to do first.  

And stop looking for the perfect career.  You are not that special.  Yes you have your moments but you are just like everybody else.  It is only fair that you get your share of annoying managers, hard-to-deal-with-clients, Bosses-from-hell, and the satanic cult to bring some misfortune to your perfect life.