Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Children for Peace and Development

children for peace and development

Action Mindanao was successful in executing it's first activity called "Children for Peace and Development", as an organization last March 17, 2009.  With the Support of Col. Erneste R. Aradanas (MNSA) PA, Commander of the 603rd Infantry Brigade fo the 6th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army, around 60 students of Petron Camp Abubacar Elementary School (Barra North District) were transported to Davao City to attend the 2 day Educational Tour prepared by AM.

These children are from war torn areas and have never been to any city their whole lives.  The Educational tour serves as a socializing and exposure for these children and is just the start of the many activities that will mainly involve them.

From these group of kids, 5 of the brightest amongst them will be chosen for another tour in Manila as a follow up activity and as a reward for their hard work in school.  From these exposures, these kids will then be asked to share to their community and school what they have seen and learn to help inspire their fellow classmates and friends.

Action Mindanao is grateful for the support of Globe Telecommunications, Kiwanis Philippines South Distric, Yellow Bus Lne Co., Marit Remondo, Datu Mussolini Lidasan, Gerry Roxas Foundation, Mayor Alexander Tomawis, Bai Sirikit Ampatuan, Cotabato City Tourism Council, Noel Ruiz, Shangri la Lodge No. 196 F.A.M. of the Philippines, Bai Sandra Sema, Happy Raagas. AM's gratitude also goes to Councilor Wendel Avisado for generously providing the children's dinner and breakfast at the Boy Scout of the Philippines Camp.

Currently, a youth camp is being prepared by Action Mindanao, to be held in Baguio come third week of April.  

The Three Main Thrusts of Action Mindanao!: Social Peace and Justice, Economic Development, and Environmental Issues.

children for peace and developmentchildren for peace and developmentchildren for peace and developmentchildren for peace and development