Friday, June 25, 2010


Take a deep breath.
Close your eyes.
Can you see your future before you?
Or are you still being haunted by your past?
Are you still shaken at how poorly you've chosen your friends?
or was poorly you have understood them?
Can you still smell the roses?
Do you still love the earth under your feet?
Perhaps the wind has brought on some memories?
Did you catch the ones you like the most?
Or was it the sad things that got caught in between your fingers?
Do you wish to untangle your heart?
Are you bleeding because you are trying so hard?
Can you dance to the tune of the silent bowing of the trees?
Can you aim at the flying dove that only your gaze could reach?
So many questions in your head right now...
So many things you have known that you unnecessarily have to worry about.
But you worry anyway...and you think...
but still the world hasn't stopped turning.
It didn't even pause for you to lick your wounds.
Nor did it trap the trumpet that loudly shook your stable regions.
Nor did it punish the worthlessness of it all.

It just turned...and turn it will go...until the day you cease to feel its movement.

Oh, it will not stop.
It is too proud for that.

But your tears aren't left unheard, and the careless whisper that broke your heart will not go without receiving its own punishment. It will hear the echo of the voice it used. It will endlessly convince oneself that it was the right thing to do. But one knows, it was out of bounds.
A false sense of call of duty on goodness.
It only broke a heart, trampled on a promise, and tore the cloth of friendship.
What was left for that unlucky one are days of broken glass and memories of things that will never come back.

And you...what do you have?
And courage to head on...

They say you should take care of your friends...
If so, one can never have too many friends...only too many to take care of...

Open your eyes.
The rain has stopped.
It is still cold...but not too cold to open your letters.
Read them again.
They are good reminders that you are loved.
Loved beyond understanding.
Loved beyond betrayal.
Loved beyond doubt.
Loved beyond anything you could imagine.

And life isn't wonder some people hate you.
You got a bigger piece of share.

"I see the moon, and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me"
nursery rhyme