Thursday, September 30, 2010

Smart Presscon

Before the concert of Itchyworm with
Luningning, Jopay, and Princess Ryan, Smart,
a major sponsor of GenSan's Tuna Festival held a
press conference around one pm. Davao Bloggers and
Socksargen Bloggers were there to ask a few questions
regarding their show later and SMART's promo mechanics
and prizes that they would be giving away at the concert.

 Avel Manansala did a livestream of the presscon.
Avel with SMART
Princess Ryan, Jopay, Luningning
Photography by Olan emboscado
After the official presscon, it was Socksargen Bloggers' time
to be in the limelight ^.^
Jopay goofing off with Avel
goofy face

A part of my Tuna Festival experience.  General Santos, as Ria and Brendel would say is their happy place.  Now I know why ^.^  People are warm and friendly and food is fantastic!  It was so much fun and I was so lucky to be part of it.  Smart Presscon was held at the same building where we had our great  Mongolian BBQ ^.^

During the Presscon, it seems as if the stars had this notion that this part of Mindanao is in disarray.  That it is not peaceful nor does it have the potential of progress.  Much to their surprise, General Santos is not only peaceful and warm, but abundant, generous, and so much fun!

The presscon ended with them saying, they would be back in the Tuna City again.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Google Adwords Free Advertising Voucher

After a great week at GenSan in their Tuna Festival, I arrived home yesterday.  Still euphoric about my great experience in the Tuna City, Long long handed me an envelope.  It said google.  I raised my eyebrow...scam? 

So I opened it and found a free advertising voucher! yey!  Did anyone get one also? it's so cool.

The voucher is worth Php1,500 but after the 30th, its value drops to Php1,000.  So i must use it now or tom ^.^ The gift is valid till October 15.

what's the catch? you have to have a credit card.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Make up Trip with Davao Bloggers

Ria a.k.a. Diyosa Blogger
Brendel of and Ria of

Other Bloggers who attended the Fashion Blogger Meet
in TLCShop Fab Finds Store in Nova Tierra
Brendel showing how to use the BB Cream
First Make up Trip organized by Davao Bloggers for Fashion Bloggers in Davao.  Our destination, Davao Tlcshop Fab Finds Store in Nova Tierra Subdivision.  This small shop offers genuine make up, branded bags, Signature Scents and more in jaw dropping prizes...what's the have to find it in the Nova Tierra Maze =P

We had free samples of BB Cream.  Brendel said that originally, BB cream was introduced by  cosmetics companies from Korea.  So the best BB cream available can only be from them.  It is like a liquid foundation but it meshes better.  It doesn't cake and it doesn't run when you perspire.  It has a misty effect that if you put it on, it looks as if you are not wearing any at all!  Except that blemishes and discoloration are not visible anymore.

I chose Misha BB Cream and because I am tan, I was advised to get the No. 23.

We also get to try different shades of lip tints and we bombarded Brendel questions about what is best for our skin tone in terms of blushes and make up bases.  We sniffed scents and ogled at Marc Jacobs Signature bags being sold at affordable prices.

Definitely a great kikay bonding for all female bloggers ^.^

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Love the way you Lie

video from youtube, lyrics from

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

1st elephant encounter

I've been going to Bangkok for the nth time and never once did I meet a working elephant on the streets. I was able to fly to Chang Mai where the Elephant School is, but no thanks to our driver, who cannot seem to read map, we weren't able to find it =(

But guess what? I was able to ride one in pnh! weeeeh! remember what they say about be careful what you wish for, you might get it? well, i wished to ride one...not anticipating the gigantic size of the mammal...I was offered one...and I got scared...waaah...they had to drag me and cajole me to go ride it... scary but fun! still scary! *hehehe!

to ride the elephant, you have to pay a fee of $20, but because I was a scaredy cat and my ride was cut short, we only paid $5 =P afterwhich, the owner said i can give her a shower! weeeh!