Tuesday, September 07, 2010

1st elephant encounter

I've been going to Bangkok for the nth time and never once did I meet a working elephant on the streets. I was able to fly to Chang Mai where the Elephant School is, but no thanks to our driver, who cannot seem to read map, we weren't able to find it =(

But guess what? I was able to ride one in pnh! weeeeh! remember what they say about be careful what you wish for, you might get it? well, i wished to ride one...not anticipating the gigantic size of the mammal...I was offered one...and I got scared...waaah...they had to drag me and cajole me to go ride it... scary but fun! still scary! *hehehe!

to ride the elephant, you have to pay a fee of $20, but because I was a scaredy cat and my ride was cut short, we only paid $5 =P afterwhich, the owner said i can give her a shower! weeeh!

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