Tuesday, October 09, 2007

soo bored.

My nanny decided to change curtains. And suddenly it's so bright now. Everybody is busy doing things they think they should be doing. One is cleaning the windows, one washing the dishes, and God know what my little tyke is doing...trying to make the flowers grow by urinating on them, I guess.

Ask me what I'm doing. Nothing. Staring at my screen thinking of ways to keep myself busy even if I really am not. Haayy...I'm at this point of my life where I am bored. I've been bored for quite sometime now. It seems as if, everybody always has something more important to do. They are always busy, busy, busy.

Hmmm...what should I do? what should I do?

go to a bar tonight. nah...I don't really like to meet new people.
go to the mall...and do what? shopping? nah...there is really nothing to buy. I'm not that fond of clothes and stuff. and besides, I don't feel like dressing up and stuff today. I could always go in my pajamas...but I don't want to see the world or my friends, for that matter...they'll only nag that I change.
read a book. the book i want to read is not yet available.
stare at the walls? been there, done that. It didn't work.
watch tv. again?! haaay
cook. bad idea...the last attempt was a disaster.
clean the house. they are already doing it.


do a blog? purrrfect....

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