Saturday, March 20, 2010

i tried.

Bloodletting by DavaoBloggers in cooperation
with Red Cross was held today 8am.

Blood Donation.
I was scared but I tried it.
I passed the floating exam =)
It's where they prick your finger and squeeze the heck out of the teeny prick a droplet of blood into this mysterious glass that has a blue liquid in it.
If your blood droplet floats, it means you cannot donate.
If your blood can.

Didn't know you have to have some qualifications to begin with...and mind you, they squeeze it three times. And three times, your blood must sink. If it doesn't, you are disqualified for NFA --> not following instruction (nyahah!). The instructions said "blood must not float".

Upon passing the first exam, they give you a paper.
You fill it up TRUTHFULLY.
It's the form you don't want your mom to see.
If you are unsure of what impact such questions may bring to your life. Do not touch the pen, and pretend to faint.

well, it has some very intrusive questions that you begin to double check if it is really a blood bank or the barracks...or worst, the purgatory.

The questions begin with "Do you feel well today?"
-- well, first question is just apt...the following questions, especially if you are a guilty one, will make you feel NOT WELL in the end of the questionnaire.

It will ask you if you had piercings -- yes the water is warming up...then it asks you if you have had any contact with anybody with hepatitis...then jaundice...then asks if you have AIDS. It doesn't stop there. Asks you if you are alcoholic...a drug addict...and if you have AIDS.
Asks you again if you have had any sexual how about any homosexual activities? and ...uhmm...AIDs?

Just as you thought this AIDs thing is already tells you, making sure, that you do realize that even if you don't know you have AIDS and you turn out to have one, you can contaminate others... hmmmm.

---no worries, no threats at the end of the form...they are just making sure you are not a walking-talking-disease-bearing humanoid that has this evil plan of infecting everyone with HIV because you turn out to be positive.
No! will not allow anyone to use them as an instrument for revenge.
That would be awful.

Anyways, the form asked me questions and it tested my honesty... In the end, it rendered me a useless human being for blood donation. I was discriminated by a technicality...ehem... I will not assured that it is nowhere near AIDs...haller!

even so...I got a bracelet! and as Chatee said... "I tried to be a blood donor...I tried to save lives".

as a blood donor, you will be given a red bracelet that says
"I am a blood donor and I save lives"

Kharla a.k.a. impostora...haha!


Bill said...

Hi Leah wow that seems like to much for me to go through just to donate blood. i think i will pass LOL. Nice being here again my friend. :)

13thWiTCH said...

@bill - you scaredy cat! =P

Angie said...

@ leah: Waaa.....hadlok ana uy....Sakit? Ink! Ink! Ink!
Bilib nko sa imuha....Gossshhhh.....^_^

Rene Caparas said...

The technical glitch is adds mystery to the story...I have a guess; but I would prefer not to divulge either...i might be dead wrong...