Thursday, December 15, 2011

4 reasons why i like Guada's Villa

Tired from a 3-hour ride from Davao to General Santos City, I was determined to crawl into whatever surface that will allow me a few hours of sleep before the Blogfest 2.0 the following day.  Avel, Blogfest 2. organizer and Socksargen Bloggers leader, ushered us to this fab place that eventually charmed me that I wish it was my home sweet home. Below are the reasons why:
1. The Space
  Guada’s Villa is small enough for privacy and big enough to accommodate a big family.
The space is not crampy to accommodate families.  Three families could share the Villa.  The rooms are spacious enough for people to be comfortable even if there are more than eight people present.  It is spacious but not big enough to lose family members, especially rowdy children.
(photo from Aloha Black Sand)
(photo by Renz Bulseco)
2. Details
I’ve always believed that a place will always be defined by its details if not by its space.  Christmas is already present in the Villa with its red table trimmings and tall Christmas tree.  But what I love the most are the little trinkets that are there to stay beyond the christmas season.
I love the plush rug in the living room
and the candles around the place makes it homely.
This chair is posh and warm.  This is Noah’s favorite chair!
3. Personal Service  (thanks ate Jo!)
The people are always an extension of a business that’s why many thousands of dollars are being invested to cultivate customer satisfaction.  You would think good character would naturally come to people working in service-related jobs…but then again, people are animals, and animals are savages.  Being amicable must be against nature.
4. Amenities
As a blogger, net connectivity is one of the things that attracts me.  What would my FB friends would say in my lack of updates?! we don’t want to disappoint, now do we?  For the rest of the humanoids, there is cable tv, centralized a/c, and computer to name a few ^.^


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