Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bleeding Love

I'm hopelessly so into this song these days. I just realized that I listened to this piece the whole day today, playing it over and over again, swaying with the beat, trying to sing it inside my head, humming it as I gently bob my head up and down, infecting my nephew with it and even downloaded it in his that we could silently sway with it as we face eachother with earphones separating us from the rest of the world... Thank God, Kuya Brian was there to get silly with me (yes, I call him kuya even though he is my nephew, he is older than I am...if you wanna know why, drop me a line =P)

(photo from flickr)

This song caught me off guard, the first time I heard it...It slapped me on the face that forced me to listen to it, held my hips and pushed me to move my body with its melody, and thus, I am now hopelessly in love with it... *sigh (and sighing contentedly). When something like this insists, it's best to just savor it till you lick it bland, don't you think?


BillyWarhol said...

Did somebody say Lick??


cathara said...

i heart leona lewis! :D i like this song too, i hope its lyrics wont happen to me though.:P
welcome back!:D


Anonymous said...

busyha ah.

13thWiTCH said...

@billy - yes billy you read it right, imagining it wrong though =P

@catea - thanks catea, wish your here in davao right now, there will be a party for all davao-based blogger sponsored by Globe,i think...sayang...come back here!

@archer - hehehe! imong blog diay dili busy...burag daghan daghan napud tog reklamo didto bah haha!

Anonymous said...

yes i like this song too :)

Anonymous said...

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13thWiTCH said...

@technotrend - ^.^