Monday, June 16, 2008

Bloggers Party 2008

davao bloggers party was a blast!

happenin'? bloggers party 2008
orgaized by? Blogie, Andrew, Ria, Migs
venue? Toto’s Bar in Casa Leticia
what's the craze all about? something to do with the fast mouse

for those who've heard of it but decided not to come just missed one heck of a party - not to mention the intersting discussions (before, during, and after the party). NO, nobody got wasted or anything, heck, nobody could even if they wanted to --- coffee was overflowing , more than enough to keep you sober, even if liquor was served as the main dish.

But who would want to pass out while everybody was busy having a good time?

The core group who organized the event were warm and friendly. The party was actually an intimate one -- just the right number, big enough to be called a party, small enough to remember the names and faces you encounter...

Personally, my evening started with a bang --err -- with a flash rather... I almost ran for my life --- for when the elevator door opened, i was greeted with this sudden flash -- which made me scampered for dear life...except that i was trapped between the elevator and the small receiving area of the bar...thank god, it was not the aliens, although for a moment there, in my state of confusion, i saw the two culprits as yoda's childhood friends (friends of yoda, are you?)...only bigger....although, now that im thinking about i, i freakin wish that i don't look like an alien in the pic.... although there is a slim chance of me resembling a human being, as I was startled and wide eyed with fright and confusion, something the photographer (kinsa gani to? doc charles kaw ba toh? yatis ka) must have been eagerly waiting for , anxiously waiting for the elevator door to open just so he could blind the next blogger with his flash -- a victim for his camera -- and there i was, the perfect target...nose flared and all, malasa oi, kabalos lang ko...

when my vision returned, i was already being pushed towards the door (o cge na nga, di ako pinilit, inalalayan lang) - although i rememeber them, brimming with pride, saying something about their super advanced techie creation. (see pictures below hehe!)

burag naglutaw noh?

halata ba na bond paper?

forgive the crude photos, hese are celfon pics...promise, next time, i'll remember to bring a cam...kabalo lagi ko mukuha og picture (aim and click ra ma na...nyeheheh)... for the meantine, mangita sa pud kog ma-grab na waffo na far wa pa koy nakit-an ^.^

pahabol - err--- kay celfon man nako ni noh, maong kasagaran akong dagway ra pud ang naa diwi...pasensya na, naulaw man gud ko mamiktyur og daghan... hehe!

with bong... mao ni ang pinakabugoy sa party...hehe!
ang tao sa likod ng eraserheads album cover (o ha! tagem...)

Catea of Cathara22...finally nagkita na jud mi ^.^

ang mga waffa og waffo sa party... ^.^

ang davao blogger superstar og ang iyang papparazzi
(damn, its hard to be famous...)

si doc charles ang dahilan nganong nahurot ang food sa party

about the next 3 photos
-- dili ni sila bloggers, mga na-harrass
ni nako na staff sa casa leticia, hahaha! --

ang nag charge sa akong celfon

ang nagbalot sa akong cake

kani xa, gitawag ra sa kauban aron mugawas aron maapil sa picture..hahaha!

---- ang mga food, bow ----

at the party, a new word was introduced....

the art of taking pictures of prepared food
(or what's left of it...)


Crissy said... envious.

13thWiTCH said...

awww...sayang wala ka time punta ka ha...

Anonymous said...

[...] and I attended the Davao Bloggers Party 2008 last Saturday, June 14 @ Toto’s Bar (Casa Leticia). I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up for the event. All I know was that it was going to be a small gathering of Davao-based bloggers…and that the FOOD & DRINKS [...]

Raine said...

i was scouring the davaoblogs for photos pero wala pa jud ko kitag pix na naa ko :( anyways,kudos kay imoha jud ang pinakadetalye na post about the event :) it was nice to meet you

Ria Jose said...

Thanks so much for attending! Hope to see more of you soon! :D

Bonedoc said...

Charlz published na his photos at Dabaw Pinoy!

Wow, detailed ang post! Next time ulit!

OT: Linked you at my The Daily habit Blog!

Anonymous said...

[...] Last June 14 Mishel (Blog Ni Mishel) and I went to the Davao Bloggers Party 2008 at Toto’s Bar in Ilustre. [...]

MeiYah said...

hi lea hehehe.. glad to meet u there... daming pix hehehe pero ala ko... lolz... :) i'll add u ha?

13thWiTCH said...

@Blogie & Ria - nice event guys, yep, will attend events u guys are so cool to organize

@mishel - hehe,namali nakog comment - i thought ur blog was ur bf's blog weheheh! soweee...

@Floraine - nakakita nakag photo na naa ka? (nice meeting u there ^.^)

@Doc Remo a.k.a boneMD - add na pud tika doc ^.^

@lazy goy - nice post ^.^

@miah- halu halu, see u next time ha, it was nice meeting u there ^.^