Monday, December 08, 2008

hapi beerday to meee!

birthday photos !

now officially hit sweet sixteen (nyahahahah!)
it's a good beerday, my bestfriend cam home from Kuwait and
the weak minded one found a ticket back here.

just turned sweet sixteen...nyahahah suya! =P

more photos posted on flickr. click on the image =P

more photos coming up ^.^
thanks guys...


cathara said...

Belated happy sweet 16th birthday! hehe... i would wait for it in mtv's sweet 16:D

13thWiTCH said...

catea!! ur back!!! webee gurl! aha man ka ron intawon oi...mishu mishu..saw ur new love ba tayo ngayon hehehe!

cathara said...

back in manila already... miss you too..

uhm, tepasa, ill ask myself again hehehe...