Monday, April 27, 2009

wtf?! who is that?!

hooookay - anybody got any invites or pms from an account name leah_valle2002?

well -- i did -- wtf?!
i don't need me to invite myself to be my friend
-- twisted as it sounds --and twisted I may be--

see, I got a friend request -- and i was puzzled to see my name on it.  thought it is just a coincidence... I have a facebook friend who has the same name and family name-- different face though, different sets of friends -- meaning, she is a legit person who just happened to have the same name and family name. With that in mind -- I added this leah_valle2002 nick in my messanger.  

So imagine my surprise when I opened to see its details and saw certain creepy personal details that I don't think anybody really knows except for my old friends -- like what?like my dad's old home number, that's what! it's been disconnected years ago already and I don't live in my dad's house anymore, and my dad's been dead for years too! I don't think he has messanger on the grave! wifi is just not available in the underworld. wifi is one of the perks of the living and the undead ones roaming the urban zone.

anyway, any pms from the mentioned nick above is --
let me be clear about this -- is 
not from me.

My account is just my name - plain and simple -
 it is many years old and i don't use year crap ever!

the Poser's nick -
leah_valle2002 -  was just created March2009. 

Let me say this again-- THAT NICK is NOT MINE and if you receive invites and msgs from that account, THAT IS NOT ME!

of course you can add -- it is your perogative -- all i want is that you do not associate me with this nick.  this is not mine, im not using it, and I can't use it even if I wanted to.  So don't picture me out giggling behind, typing crazy stuff if the person behind this makes you laugh =P and if you don't speak to me again, I'd assume you didn't read this post and the poser pissed you off -- uh-oh =C 

so whoever you are who is using my nick - preferably maybe to spy on me or worse, get information about me by posing -- please stop it.

Didn't your mom give you your own name? use it.

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