Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Day 3: Slumdog Millionaire

finally saw the movie last week.  
Ii cringed when I saw him do what he did to get Armaan's autograph

I read the book first...
and love the book better than the movie for these reasons:

1. in the book he is the elder brother
2. Armaa, the actor is actually gay
3. he ran away because he pushed Smita's father off the second floor
3. he was a butler of Colonel Taylor,  an Australian Spy
4. his younger brother, Salim, arranged the death of the mafia lord
5. the host was the reason why he joined the contest
6. he was loyal to Neelima, the tragedy queen
7. He took care of a baby who's been abandoned by his mother
8. Smita, became a lawyer and saved him, but she is not a love interest

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