Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 8: Time Traveler's wife

BWL sent me a copy of this and someone
borrowed it and never gave it back.
I found a copy at the National Bookstore yesterday and decided
to buy one.

Note to self - no more sharing of books, especially to people
who doesn't know how to return it.


Rene Caparas, Fairview QC said...

Yes,Leah: a lot of people do not know how to return borrowed books; not only books but other items as well: CDs, music tapes, screw drivers, hammers, wood planes, belts, bikes, power tools, extension cords, newspapers, magazines. Some borrowers think borowing is synonymous with owning it after time had elapsed and the owner might have had forgotten the item. I loved books so much I do not lend them anymore to friends and classmates but prefer instead to share them exclusively to termites for them to eat. At least, the termites return them to me even if the books were butressed with infinitessimal holes.

13thWiTCH said...

true. they seem to discount the fact that maybe...just maybe..the stuff they borrowed is important to us as well...had it been not, we would have given it away =)