Thursday, February 21, 2008

that part of my life.

Hungry people listens not to reason,
nor cares for justice, nor is bent by any prayers.

--by Seneca --

Help with your click

I used to be a part of a non-government organization and it was one of the best things that happened to me. I was not just a part of it, I was living it. Climbing mountains, hiking for half a day, being with indigenous people and living their lives for a few days, trying to create a better environment for them through our org's projects like alternative education and sustainable agriculture is something that just doesn't happen everyday for everybody.

The Hunger Site

Of course, it made a strong blow to my personal relationships, leaving a gaping hole at the end. My ex-husband couldn't accept the fact that my job entails more than the needed 8-hour shift in the office.

The Child Health Site

That I am on-call even on weekends. That I go home in the middle of the night and sometimes, I just can't because transportion is unavailable and that it involves walking for half a day to even reach the nearest motorcycle available. He couldn't bear me coming home in mud and muck, all messed up, tired and groggy from the trip.

The Literacy Site

My mother was hysterical as what I've make up, always in jeans and slippers, and always never there. My children barely recognized me --- in the end, everything crashed. And when it did, I lost everything. My family, my children, my friends, the life I knew... I had to quit my job.
The Rainforest Site

Sometimes, we make choices and when everything fell apart, I chose to start over again, but the only thing I opted to keep was my children. A relationship that entails a mandatory obligation that it not be put in the backseat ever, is something that is too much for me, so I lost my partner. A job that will further take me away from my children no matter how valuable it is, is something I cannot bear. How can I make a difference to strangers while my children is hating me. And maybe, when my children don't need me anymore, I'd be given a chance to come back. My mom is happy to see me back and someone is being there for me. I am happy...for now.

The Animal Rescue Site

But leaving was difficult. Everytime I feed my children, I sometimes wonder if those children I met in the province are eating well. Everytime I kiss my kid goodbye before she goes to her class, I wonder if those indigenous children have a teacher teaching them basic alphabet. Whenever I am out with my family, I wonder if the families I was with in the mountains was able to have a good harvest....there are things you just can't simply forget...things you'll alwyas worry about...and it sometimes make me restless.

The Breast Cancer Site

And so, when I stumbled upon the Link To Us website, it made me think of my days when I was active in such projects. Please click on the banners and each click will bring food, security and service to the people who needs's just a matter of a fraction of your time....

Hungry people, scared animals, children who wants to learn, better health services -- we all can contribute in our own little ways...put together, it can make a big difference.


BillyWarhol said...

Nice Post - I worry about these things too*

+ I think all those problems like Poverty + Hunger + Clean Water + Shelter + Food + Medicine + Education could easily be solved with the Insane amounts of $$$ we Waste on Fighting Wars + Buying Weapons*


cathara said...

shocks, you got an exhusband?:-P you never fail to surprise me really :D
what non org?
i used to be an active gawad kalinga volunteer.:( greenpeace too.i think people around you werent just that understanding.they prolly would if they experienced it themselves.

its a nice feeling being hugged by poor untidy kids.teary eyes.


13thWiTCH said...

non-gov't organization - NGO - orgs created by private people or orgs where there are no gov't representatives ^.^

**yeah - my life is complicated ^.^

13thWiTCH said...

@billy - ur right - perspectives really do change when ur sitting on top of the ladder huh?

Somebodyunfamous said...

If money alone could solve all these problems, then I'm certain they'd all be solved already ("money ain't everything"). Additionally, saying that they could be solved by re-appropriating funds from war activities, is just silly because they are two very separate problems in different sectors. (my 2 cents)

Great post, I'm gonna go ahead and linkback to it from my last one with the similar references (yours are laid out much better, with the banners and all!)

only for biz said...

would like to exchange links with you....


if you to interested .....then you can leave a comment

only for biz said...

hey can we talk i mean i want to learn more about blogging....would you mind...

any kind of yahoo,myspace,MSN?????

13thWiTCH said...

@somebodyunfamous - point well taken.
but the two, i personally think are not that irrelevant...maybe i'll make a post on that sooner or later ^.^

@only for biz - im really new at blogging but would want to brainstorm if u like. i mean, two heads are better than one ^.^ ---> send ur ym id to my addie or just click on the link at the "Please Keep in touch" thingie ^.^

Unknown said...

I'm proud of you're endeavor Leah! You can still do big things even in little ways...after all, "big things start from small beginnings", right? Good luck. Please visit my blog as well (