Tuesday, February 19, 2008

are you thinking what i'm thinking?

I was out yesterday - and i saw a lot of foreigners with their Filipina partners. And these various thoughts invaded my mind...
  • Are they (meaning caucasian or black foreigners) choosing asian mates becuase we are "small" and our culture dictates that we become submissive?
  • Is it because they are young (asian females in this type of relationship are mostly young, just a few years above 18 or so)?
  • nice couple --- he is young!
  • where did he find her? --net, clubs, malls?
  • what the heck is he thinking? (especially if the girl is not that pretty and the guy is)
  • so that's exotic for him? (again at an aesthetic level -- yes, I'm shallow!)
  • why are they walking so far apart?
  • why is he not holding her hand?
  • why is she dressed that way?
  • why is he bald?
  • he walks funny
  • nice purse
  • are they really in love?
and because I am just particularly nosy on other people's business, here are some of the things I came up after pondering those couples that passed by while I sip my strawberry shake.

Sexually speaking - asians are small compared to caucasian and black women. If anybody read my re-post on "Does penis size matter?" - we are, in diameter, a half inch or so smaller to caucasian girls and 1-1.5 inches smaller than black women. Paired with our own race, we do fit perfectecly -- on average, asian men are smaller by half inch to caucasians and caucasians are half inch smaller compared to black men. So sexually speaking, asians may tend to be more attractive to caucasian/black men because not only do most asian women look exotic with their yellow or mocha skin, they will be 'tight' for them until the woman becomes adjusted to their size.

The west has a stereotype over asian women that's called the "china doll stereotype" where women from both Far East & South East Asia are portrayed as exotic sexual felines...who visually yawns and secretly plots...

the China doll stereotype and other variations of this submissive stereotype exist in American movies: "Geisha Girl/Lotus Flower/Servant/China Doll: Submissive, docile, obedient, reverential (including Asian men as effeminate, servile); Vixen/Sex Nymph: Sexy, coquettish, manipulative; tendency toward disloyalty or opportunism; Prostitute/Victim of Sex Trade/War/Oppression: Helpless, in need of assistance or rescue; good-natured at heart." wikepedia

Of course, this is not a learned observati
on and I am just expressing an opinion based upon what I am noticing and what I have read -- some pieces of useful junk I've found in books and over the net. Just because it made sense to me - doesnt mean it is the absolute truth.

Ok, now that I've written the disclaimer, I'm more comfotable to babble. wehehhe! don't wanna get sued, you know.ANd if you ever stubbed your toe and lost your foot because what I'm ranting here is making you choke, I am in no way liable for your clumsiness.

(where was i?)

Culturaly speaking, asian women, in their patriarchal prisons have learned the art of pleasing their men. We please our men, although the rise of feminism is rampant these days, a lot of women have yet to know and believe their rights as human beings. Generally speaking, women do nag, rant, complain, have the ability to push you to bankcruptcy becuase of their expenditures -- my mom have this ability to talk like an machine gun - ratatatatatatatat! -- that makes my dad shakes his head -- but when the man of the house raises his right as the head of the household, most likely asian women bow down to the authority. It may not be willingly, but asian women recognizes the power of the male dominance in the family. You cannot expect the aisan woman to pack her bags immediately - she may argue, shout, complain - but it will take her a long time to leave her partner, even in the presence of physical abuse.

In terms of fidelity, most asian women would ask their partners to be discreet in their affairs to avoid any circumstances where it can shame the family. Children are taught to honor their fathers and are instructed to respect them, no matter what. Same goes with the mothers, but it is more important that the children look up to their dads. It is prevalent in an Asian household that children hold their tongue back until they are allowed to speak and argue with their parents, especially with their father...and it is always in a respectful manner and always without the presence of any guests. Children are taught to not defy their father in front of guests, if one chooses to do so, a harsh punishment is awaiting them. It is the honor of the father that his children show respect and it is his disgrace if any sign of imputence from his wife and family is shown in front of his friends and collegues.

Caucasian men on the other hand, have been stereotyped by asian women as promiscuous. Who date around and dating means sleeping around. Who sleep around, and sleeping around doesn't necesarily mean he is in a commitment.

Plus, I know someone who knows a taxi driver who hates foreigners becaase he gets to witness how foreigners change women that's one point. And me personally, I saw this one caucasian guy, he was with this curly hairde asian girl, we were in singapore airport then, I'm going home to the Phil, he is riding the same plane -- and a few days later, when I was in Cebu and was with may friend, we saw him with a different girl...I think he recognized me, he didn't enter the restaurant we were in and opted to go somewhere else. Ok OK, I'm gossiping... erase erase erase

In terms of asian women committing adultery, I don't know. Although asian women has been portrayed in the west as "aggresive sexual beings" (what's that song again?..."a lady on the street but a freak in the bed" =P) in many movies, the life of a conservative asian woman is void of dates and friendly dinners with the opposite sex. It is a disgrace to her family to be seen with a man alone, except if it is her husband or son. Although this tradition is slowly changing as more and more young asian women are more and more open in terms of their views of life and relationships.

Things are really slowly changing though. Foreigners looking for Asian wives are more reciprocated especially in the provincial areas.
  • A foreigner may look like a savior to a starving asian family (believe me, I've met people who makes sure she marries a foreigner a career).
  • An angel to free her from her patriarchal prison.
  • An adventure to see other places and acquire things she's only dreamed of for herself or for her family.
  • A sacrifice she has to make.
  • An introduction to a new culture she has never known...
  • or it can be plainly because she has fallen in love over this strange man who embraces her culture regardless of its strangeness.
  • Because she is in a situation that might pose as a problem in future relationships she'll have with men in her own race (separated, kids, etc.)
  • etc. etc. etc.
It can be for any reasons why caucasians and asian hook up -- most common thinking would be, she's in for the money (Yeah, We asian women are all suckers for green eyed or blue eyed fair men, and we dream of beautiful children --- but you cannot just ignore the stamp on his forehead that says "green card") and he is in for the sex (they are suckers for young, slim, beautiful women who would let them lick thier foot -- sheeesh-- and who just worhsips him from head to toe).

The only thing that a foreigner must understand is that, when one marries an asian, he does not only marry the girl, but the whole family. He must not only please the girl but must be approved also by her family. And if she takes care of her, her loyalty is boundless and her respect is deep. Of course there are few exceptions --but i don't have time to discuss them.

so are they in love or what? if both are good to eachother -- sooner of later they might end up there...

so were you thinking what i was thinking?


archer's world said...
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archer's world said...

it's been a while since I last visited your blog. waw. daghana na ug post oi.hehehe.

13thWiTCH said...

hehe! na MIA man ka. webeeee!
*daghan post - walang magawa sa buhay sheeesh! ^.^

Anonymous said...

i would not enjoy a caucasian wife. they really smell bad. hehehe... pero aren't inter-racials cute? hahaha, anyway, marami akong chinese classmates, they have a really complicated culture, sayang, andami pa namang hot, hahaha, french are cutet though.

13thWiTCH said...

yeah, inter-racials are cute to look at....i haven't seen french women in person though...are they that cute? ^.^

cathara said...

french women are mostly lanky, ive seen some,theyre cute as manequines:D

maybe i was that curly haired lol! i noticed that as well.when my guy was here, we were counting all foreigners with filipinas(i pity,some ranges from 14-17yrs old with half-baked butts,lol) in hotel lobbies here,in cebu and malls.
tongue-in-cheek,he said'baby,would surely go back here when i reach my 30's so i could have 1 like that'.at 22,who grew up in NY,he has a different view.i am submissive as most asians maybe, but he loves our being self-responsible also and hates white ladies(sure!he said mean!haha!).he even acted so clueless what these guys with his same color doing with their lives,handling innocents, day while eating,we kept our smiles hidden,seemed like both were ashamed how each of our races commonly deal with each these days.what i want to say really is,i hate typcasting and
i hate being typecasted as like just wanted to have a green card(i knew some people),i dont.i never even liked caucasians yet in general :-P i love enrique iglesias still,lol!
in terms of love(esp.those who lived in diff cultures),its not all about our compatibilities,its how we enjoy our differences as well.respecting individualities.

i love this entry leah!ang nagagawa nga naman ng walang magawa,lol!i like and respect your own views.

btw,youre being awarded &tagged here


13thWiTCH said...

@catea - the stigma of being branded as a social climbing persona is something one will stumble on especially if you are with a foreigner. Desptie he chemistry and all - other people just can't help seeing dollar signs when they see these guys -- typecasting is just a pain in the butt. of course, sex trade especially of young women with foreigners are not helping the image either.

I've seen ur bf's photos and u two make a nice couple - parehong kulot. weheheheh!

glad u like this one. do a follow up post in ur blog ^.^ id love to read ur opinions on this - as im sure u have a lot to say ^.^

cathara said...

yeh, i hate them,dont criticize my mess unless yould like to become a part of it?lol!but as long as couples like us got are happy, others opinion never really matters haha!

lol!his hairs not really curly haha!we described it as straight dirty blond hair with bit of lil curls in its ends,weeeww,try to imagine..

ok!i could prolly make a follow up post in mine:D or the one you suggested in my comment box first.either way,i surely will.


13thWiTCH said...

*lol, i had to go look at his photo again. iw as pretty sure he was curly. oh, it was the drawing at the bottom of ur page that mislead me i guess...ung parang si jesus christ. sheesh eheheh!

*kampai to us who have alien partners...hehehe!

BillyWarhol said...

I'm thinking I wanna Marry U!!


Actually I was Best Man at a friendz Wedding + he Married a Beautiful Filipino Girl Lily* I think he made a great choice + they have Beautiful Kids!

I was dating 2 different Girls 1 Japanese + the other Half Black Half Mauritian from South Africa + ironically they both knew Leila + we went to her New Years Party + it was Great!

The Food was Amazing + all the People were so Nice + Friendly + FUN!!

Cheers 13th Witch! Billy ;)) xoxo


cathara said...

yeh...he is my sinful jesus tell you why lol!

13thWiTCH said...

@billy - yeah, I always hear that asian blood paired with foreign blood create doll-like babies ^.^

13thWiTCH said...

@catea - tell me! tell me! hehe