Thursday, January 07, 2010

more than a machine fix up

What do women need?
a man who does not only know how to fix machines.

Thanks to the systematic wiring of the male brain, our men in planet earth have tendencies to intuitively figure how things work. Everything broken that can be fixed with a duct tape or a WD-40, call HIM.

A broken lightbulb? call the electrician, at least I have to, my partner's gentle hands are not so gentle when it comes to screwing the lightbulb. He is just not made for that type of screwing. The lights here in the Philippines are too small for his big hands =P

Incompetent some men may be in screwing lightbulbs, it is undeniable that most men are driven to analyze, explore, and construct a system.
For example, It is friday night, and fridays are always a good day to hang out with the gang. He looks at his watch and will then see (analyze) if he can sneak an hour or two with the boys. He then reaches for his phonebook and explores his friends' numbers to see if anyone is going out. He constructs a system of "what-ifs" and thinks of possible reasons that will show the urgency and necessity that pushed him to do what he did including possible answers and excuses to the nagging questions that he knows, is waiting for him when he reaches home. It would have been a perfect plan...except that he sometimes gets nervous when grilled.

It seems grilling pushes the male brain to its limits. The emphatizing female brain has constructed us to be better at language, thus nagging is not just a fancy but rather a necessity for grilling, as provided by nature. It also applies to non-verbal communications. You don't have to do anything more than bat your eyelash the wrong way, and we got you.

Men may have the ability to easily figure things out but women are better at understanding people.

So baby, when you have constructed your reasons and apologies, practice on them...and practice it a million times. We are anticipating your move and we are very good at making allies (ehem).Plus we read minds.

But the world is round and it has turned a full 360 degrees. -- Relationships have progressed. Partners involved have taken in new roles and new accountabilities. Relationships these days have reached a level whereby the man is not only seen as someone who owns the remote control with a beer on the left hand and the woman has ceased to become a cleaning agent.

Although there are still the old school patriarchs, men these days see the potentials of "compromise". They now have time to listen and are now setting time to talk their sweethearts out of her depressive mood.

Lengthy conversations are now part of their lives.

And most of all, most men are now realizing that relationships can never be always logical and rational.

In return, women now change tires, maintain cars, and even fix light bulbs.

So what do women need? a man who knows that he has a relationship with a human being, not with a machine. Who knows the woman he is with has feelings and will never develop a carburetor in the future.

How about the men? oh --- a woman who will stop treating you as if you have no mind to read...but you have to act the part.


Greg Roberts said...

I can too change a lightbulb! I must admit, I do enjoy tinkering under the hood alot. I am not sure I want you to develop a carburetor, you are quite supercharged as it is. Nice, you made me laugh

13thWiTCH said...

@teddyfuckingballgame...hehe! i kinda thought u might like this