Saturday, January 02, 2010

New year burn

I cannot sleep. Actually I find it uncomfortable to lie down. a thousand myriad thoughts are invading my peaceful mind making it restless...
I wonder what cecile is doing right now.
I wonder if my mom is still up...
I reached for my almost dead batt phone and then changed my fingers are too painful I am almost scared to move them....
OK, its not that just lazy. =P
I'm not that lonely and desperate.
Plus I need to rest.

I Spent the New Year island hopping and here I am now -- burnt and crisp to the bones.
Makes me this is what i waited in line for two hours at the barge eh?
The only thing that is white right now are my eyeballs...oh lips...the water was so salty my lips was so pale. waaaah!!!!

But it was so much fun. We caught a dead puffer fish (yes, I said dead--so?), an octupus, gathered sea urchins (planning to have them for dinner but opted for the cup noodles instead --safer too), and collected the all-time favorite sea stars. In the collection of sea stars, we found the star of Bethelehem. Notice how the star that guides the sheperds have this weird 4 star "wings"...We found a sea star that is just that...It's kinda odd though...The bethelem star is shining, that's why the missing one "arm" is not that prominent...this sea star we found...was thorny...hardly a compensation for its deficiency to shine. But sea stars are not supposed to shine, moron.


Anonymous said...

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Greg Roberts said...

Hmm, Seems your New Years blog has attracted the worlds most ADD addled reader. Forex trading indeed!

Other than that I am glad you went but jealous too. Urchin and octopus...golly gee Batman...Yummy. A little sunburn too is a small price to pay, especially as I sit here with ice on the fountain and my little world stricken cold as hell. Yea, that's the technical term for how cold it is on the OBX!

13thWiTCH said...

@teddyfuckingballgame - haha yep. sheesh