Sunday, May 02, 2010

Headaches and crazy thoughts

Looking at the screen, with my head pounding as if someone just smashed it to the wall, is not the easiest thing to do. Here I am, back from the grave, trying to get my other foot from the purgatory it's stuck in. Please take a moment to say "welcome back".

...My brain, as if eternally frozen is starting to hurt that I am tempted to get a rock, crack my head open, and stir it back to life with a stick.

It's during these times that I wonder why God made us like piggy ceramic coin banks. And like an eager little child, We shake our head, figure out what's inside, itches to get it opened...but once cracked...we become damaged and (almost) beyond repair.
Being like this seems to be a smart way to almost prevent one from acting on certain curiosity and impulses, like cracking your pounding head, for example, with something hard.

Can you imagine if we had the ability to take off each part and scratch it to satisfaction like the way we pick our noses?
The market would arguably be filled with absurd and odd looking containers and covers.
Aisles and aisles of pouches for eyeballs in different colors and styles, containers specifically for the ears, mouth, fingers and knee caps -- (eooow)...
and what about screws to put the detachable part in place?
how about double sided tape for the flesh?

Ahhh... Cadavers will be more expensive!
Gone are the cemetery days of burial and cremation.
For once a detachable part is gone and lost, one just have to replace it.
What a disaster it would be to walk out and go home only to find out that you've lost an arm along the way.
Like the way we lose earphones...once we do, we just have to get a new pair...correct?

Ahhh... and would this be the time for slaughterhouses to shine?
Instead of the greasy bloody warehouses we usually see, emerge a more sophisticated showroom and storage of cadavers and parts.
Where a/c and refrigeration must be of the highest class.
Hmmm....And a receiving area with flowers in colors and lights in yellowish hue to cause a warm effect for customers waiting in line to order a new appendage?

And gone are the days of cardboard slaughterhouses signages.
In its place will rise a sign in neon lights that says "Body and parts for sale!" --- or a better one "Bodies from Finland and Germany for sale!"...Nokia Users will go for this one nyahahah!
Do you think China can come up with a cheaper alternative? a semi-body part...maybe one shade lighter or darker...something that vibrates and with an lcd screen? Coolness hahah!
This one, ladies and gentlemen, is THE red light district because this is THE ultimate flesh business.

Interesting don't you think?
But what a disaster!
For someone as careless as I, it would be a very expensive way to live.
I mean an arm would cost a lot, I'd suppose, and if I lose an arm the way I lose my cellphones, I might as well just be dead...For the possibility to lose an arm means a possibility to lose a leg, a nipple, a finger, a toe...and what about my head! I certainly cannot function properly without it!
Being the picker that I am, I am sure I'd be toying and nitpicking at it until it becomes lose...and God knows what will happen if it rolls off!

So I guess God did us a favor in creating us as we are.
Vulnerable and in one piece--- without the choice of appendage exchanges upon will.
What was I thinking asking for lego body parts?!...oh wait...I wasn't thinking that's why I was asking for head hurts remember?

Thank God for small miracles.


Tomas' art said...

The same attitude (gratitude to God for small miracles) inspire us both.
I greatly enjoyed the way you are writing. While reading your headaches and crazy thoughts, I was caught by the text in between the lines. You paint with words, and I like the picture. It looks like one I am going to post today (on a way to discovering myself) Though we use different tools of expression (literature and visual art), yet deal with the same message.

13thWiTCH said...

thank you.
looking forward to your painting. please leave me a link so i can visit the post...or i could visit your blog...i would want to know the painting you are making in lieu to this though =)

Bill said...

Welcome back Leah my dear friend. Yeah i agree that would be a little messy to keep our parts in bags. I hope your head gets feeling better soon.

13thWiTCH said...

it feels ok now ^.^