Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My birthday wish list

My birthday is coming up!!! I'll be 24 soon. huhu! i can still remember, when i was about to have my 20th bday, i was kinda sad knowing i'd be a "teen" no more...*sigh...I'm getting old and hopefully more mature...anyways, on this birthday wish list, i'm omitting the "long-life-good-health-kinda-stuff". I already know my life span will not reach the ideal age i want. Didn't Descartes once wrote - "a being is a being towards death"....and that is a statement that made me realize that birthdays are actually morbid?! waaaahhh! before i ruin the's my list.

my birthday wish list:
  • a new phone (ehehe!)
  • someone to pay my power bill so i can buy a center table (*evil laugh)
  • a date with johnny depp

    but this guy ----> is kinda acceptable.
  • bavarian chocolates
  • new batteries for my skype phone.
  • a good book.
  • center tables for my bedroom downstairs, for my bedroom upstairs, and my living room.
  • fake flowers that look real for my kitchen.
  • a cook!
  • a luis royo art piece
  • a scholarship certificate for a fine arts course.
  • a good massage.
  • certificates that entitles me to a diamond peel.
  • a wooden-rocking-horse-toy-thingie that i can pass on to my son.

  • someone to scratch my back till i fall asleep.
  • breakfast at mcdonalds with everything i want, from syrup to pies to that big mcdo burger that's 5 stories high.
  • seven-eleven slurpee... why oh why can't 7-11 build a store in davao?!
  • steak
  • ice cream and cake
  • canisters
  • anime manga

    that's what i can think of...for now...


Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...

wow, what a list you got there! i hope you get everything you want... if not, christmas is coming soon! but happy birthday!


13thWiTCH said...

thank you thank you ^.^

Unknown said...

have you gotten all of those things?? hehe! just wondering..

Unknown said...

have you gotten all of those things?? hehe! just wondering..

13thWiTCH said...

haha! well let me see...
i got - the date with the somewhat ok guy whose pic was posted, he is a good cook, so that's two, he scratches my back, that's three, i had the breakfast i wanted in mcdo, slurpee in sg, cake i had, ice cream - that i ate alone... weheheh! im far no new fon and no center tables...whehehe! but hey, im not complaining ^.^