Monday, November 05, 2007!

it's been awhile since i've held a cam and really took a picture. well, there is the narcissistic me who clicks with my fon whenever i feel like taking a pic of myself and my friends when we are out or just fooling around the house...but to take a pic beautifully and not carelessly because what you are seeing is beautiful...i can't remember the last time. i've dug into my folders and let me share my old photos that i almost forgot i have...enjoy.

agusan children.
this pic was taken in a remote village in agusan.
the children are fromt he indigenous tribe of manobo.
we went to their village because of a project
that includes building alternative schools of
indigenous people. we have to walk half day
before we could reach our location.

her name is alex. my youngest daughter.
trying to tear her shirt even more.

perfect kiss

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