Sunday, January 06, 2008

I can't sleep...

*yawns...i am soo sleepy yet I can't sleep. I am thinking of things that you need not consider when you wake up around 4 in the, I really need to decorate the room downstairs, I need to re arrange furnitures, buy a wall decor or two? oh, how about the pooh frame I saw, it was really cool...I'm hungry. *yawns.

I seriously need to go to sleep - problem is, sleep jsut evades me. I don't want hit the bed when everybody is up -- busily cooking and cleaning and shouting that breakfast is ready. Anyways, if I miss a good night's sleep, I'd have momentary lapses and I tend to stare at space for no apparent reason except that my brain is blinking and is on the verge of a short circuit - plus, I get cranky. Sleep deprivation can be a reason for electric shortage in the brain thus, putting me in a constant, "shock-me-please-mode", and if satisfactorily answered, may result to a voltage power outage that might result to a not so pleasant experience for the one that answered the "call" -- e.g. digimon evolution - from a walking-talking-specimen to a high end target of anger.

*yawns, I'm gonna try and hit the bed, open the television for comfort...and maybe sleep will dawn on me (and pray that nobody prematurely yells for breakfast).

p.s. oist kitten, aha naman ka, ang pasalubong nako imong gi-panos ha!


archer's world said...

hahaha.. pan-os na jud. kulang kaayo akong "bakasyon" wa na nuon ko kakita nimo. lami ihilak. :(

13thWiTCH said...

che! nihawa lang ka wala ka niagi, duol ra kaayo sa airport among balay hehehe!