Thursday, January 03, 2008

out with karen...

...just got home and am happy to see Karen is in Davao... As usual, we went to get a burger mcdo and fries while we happily chat about what's happening between us. We went to see the movie, sakal, sakali, saklolo...a manila film fest entry. It was about couples and their meddling in laws. We were laughing not because the movie made us laugh, but how we get to talk about the characters and how it really is too real for comfort. I can see my mom everywhere plastered in the movie. Always fussing about whether I was fed ok and just damn nosy. Karen's mom can also be seen there and it made us really laugh...Do you remember that thingie about - if you want to know your future, look at your mother...coz you're most likely to turn out like her?
sheeeeshhh...i'd grow up to be semi-psychotic and karen will develop an Obssessive cumpulsive disorder...just great.


Anonymous said...

wierd lagi akong face sa last photo.
wa ko kabalo kung unsa ang akong gusto i-express dira??

archer's world said...

waah. wa ko naka-uban.

13thWiTCH said...

@karen - hahahah! lingaw man

@archer - wa ka akuban kay palahubog man kang dako hahahahah! aha naman ka ron, wa pa ka nagpakita nako!

archer's world said...

nakabalik na ko sa jungle..huhuhu.
wa jud ta nagkita, lisud man gud ka makit-an =p