Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm a new postie ^.^

Hehehe! it's been a looong wait. I learned about payperpost in davaosale and thought that it was really cool. Ok..ok... the person also posted that she and her husband was able to go to Disneyland -- that was the one line that motivated me. I want to go to Disneyland too and hug mickey mouse and maybe even kiss Donald Duck. Not to mention I was bored beyond recognition. And also I'm a kind of girl who would be excited over winning stuff from crowns no matter how stupid it why not try this -- plus I have the trip to Disneyland as my focus and prize.

So I signed up...not being a fan reader of any manuals and FAQ I did have a hard time figuring out why my blogs were rejected. So these are some points you have to look out when you sign up...
  • blogs must be 90 days old
  • blogs must have entries of more than 20 or more
  • entries must not have a gap of more than 30 days in between
  • exercise the english language
for more complicated stuff get your instructions here.

write a blog
When you sign up, you will see in the dashboard all the opportunities that are available and the pay they will give you once your blog and your post is approved. More often than not, it will take them two days to confirm whether your blog has been rejected. When your blog's been approved, only then can you qualify to post. In the Opportunities tab, you will see the different companies wanting to have someone write soemthing about them and the pay they are willing to give. If you click on it, the terms and conditions, as well as the nature and minimum words accepted is written there. I don't know about other forms of payment, but what I'm using right now is Paypal. For Philippine bloggers, we have no paypal in the phil, one suggestion is that you can have someone you trust in the US to create a paypal account for you, so all your earnings will go there and you can have internal arrangements to have it sent to you.Payments vary from $5 to $100 to more. Oh, can take as much as 3 opportunities per day.

**not all opportunites are available to you. Some companies have their own specification like location of the blogger and the kind of blogs they have.Example, one company would only want bloggers from North America, Austaralia and Canads to write about their products and services.

refer a friend
Aside from blogging, you can also earn through referrals. If someone clicked your link and signed up and was approved. Most likely 90 days after he/she signed up, providing that he/she gets approved. If he/she signs up and was not approved -- sorry.

Did I mentioned that it's free?
I read somewhere that if something like this asks you money upon signing up, most likely it is a scam. Happy blogging guys ^.^


Euri said...

I knew about Pay Per Post. I signed up too. But I never ended up trying to write something to get paid.

Maybe I'm just not the all around writer type. >_<

13thWiTCH said...

hmmm, other requirements are page ranks and stuff like that...things im also starting to learn. no wonder other blogs have lots of weird looking icons... ^.^

btw - nice blog u have tho and i think u write good ^.^

cathara said...

heard bout it long time ago, yet i tried it and signed up thru your blog.:-P unfortunately, when i checked my email from ppp after an internet leave, my blog was rejected because of its mature content. :D
well, sounds like i couldnt post any nude pics,i didnt read the whole agreement haha! so im thinking, might just place a link or remove it at once. congrats to you!

13thWiTCH said...

it is very hard when ur a newbie and has no knowledge whatsoever with page rank and traffic and feeds and i guess that will be my first and last post. huhuhu! but it's's fun writing without ever have to worry about stats. ^.^

cathara said... the way, i think you can have paypal thru unionbank. ;-)