Tuesday, January 01, 2008

new year blues

my head hurts and the lights here in the room is hurting my eyes. What a way to start the new year. *sigh did anybody do anything new to celebrate the new year this year? hmmm... so far, it's the same signing, eating, getting drunk routine -- same as last year, except that today, the liquor is not that flourishing (krisis) and attendance of relatives may not be perfect (mahal pamasahe hehehe).

We all know that there is a firecracker ban in Davao City for quite some time now, and so, imagine my surprise when I heard firecrackers and stuff. I just moved in to my new home last june, so I'm not really familiar with the people here...yes, I've met some, but I haven't eaten from anybody's house yet, sheeesh....anyways, the firecrackers really jolted me back to reality...


it didn't last long though...well, firecrackers are noisy and it being illegal, you're bound to get caught sooner or later...the police won't need to interrogate your accomplices, the firecracker itself cries's cannot hide really when you use's too noisy...either that...or a part of your anatomy will catch on fire -- consider ur house as an appendage.

Haaaayyyy.... anyways, so it was noisy last night while we, on the other hand are totally unprepared. Our kaldero have all been used, so we can't take it out to bang it on our gates and no torototot is we blasted the karaoke machine...12 midnight came and more noise was heard...we belted out with the mic in position.... and we won -- we howled till everybody was quiet...we stopped not out of sympathy -- but our conscience and common sense, as well as our instinct for survival dictated it (angry neighbors can be extremely dangerous, you know)...which reminds me of the book -
500 people you'll meet in hell...what's the connection? well, one of the people you'll meet, according to the book, is your neighbor with their blasted karaoke machine...

uhh---does that mean, I'm destined to go to hell? waaahhh!


Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...

Well, at least you did a lot more than I did... let's say, I was actually freakin' bored!

But Happy New Years!

Also, I tagged you at check it out... take care!


13thWiTCH said...

hehehe! i was bored too before that. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! ask me what i want for a gift..heheh!