Monday, February 11, 2008

revenge of the eye

Things are out of focus...literally. And my kids jumping up and down the bed is starting to get into my nerves. Why oh why do children have a way to tick parents off? They just don't listen. And if they bang their heads or started bleeding in the nose -- my son also has this tendency to puke his guts out-- guess who gets to panic? Me. Well, in my case, I have ate neng to panic more. She's better at that than I. Me? I just get stumped and I try not to faint. Some mom huh?

Anyways, I won't be blogging about my little angels who have this demonic tendencies to wreck everything within a 2 mile radius - I'm whining because I can't seem to focus. My eyes, it's hurting my head - at least, that's what my expert opinion is (and yes, I am no eye doctor, so my expert opinion has no educated backing =P)... I think the blurry eyesight is one clue. the pounding head because of the blurry vision is the second.

My dad, when he was still alive, once brought me to an opthalmologist ( I was in my last year in high school then, i think) and I was given drops for my myopia. I was disappointed, I wanted glasses then. hmmpppff. I was too busy blinking my eyes in a weird way for him to reconsider and so I don't know exactly what is causing my nearsightedness, if it's becuase my eyeball is too long or my cornea is too steep. I wish I was more attentive.

Aha! maybe that's why I like staring at blank walls without knowing it...or maybe it's just pure brain defect. waaaah!


cathara said...

i dont believe your brains damaged lol! thats an opportunity for you to try different contact lenses :D

you got a son really?weew...
i got pseudo kids with me who were really my cousins.

13thWiTCH said...

*haha! yeah, i got a son and two daughters actually. ^.^

*yeah, is aw ur blog about them...thought u were talking about a dog the first time, coz somewhere, thought i read something about it...

cathara said...

that was kinda shocking actually. well, youre surely a hot momma around!:D