Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Accessories maketh the outfit"

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Ours is a fashion generation.  In the flood of ideas, there is no shortage of style and signature. We achieve our choice of identity. 

‘Vestis Virum Facit’.
clothes maketh the man...
but "accessories maketh the outfit".

IN accessorizing, follow the golden rule. LESS is MORE.  Better to be under-accessorized than a walking christmas tree... 

Learning how dress is one thing. Learning how to dress well is another. The differences are subtle but the difference is drastic. A little tweak to your hair, or  maybe a tinge of color to your cheek. Whether a slim belt or a large round onyx pendant around your neck, the little accents you don must complement you.  Most of all, only wear what looks good on you—start with your preferences and style.

From the kikay “fashionista” to the “devil-may-care-how-i-look” girl, accessories rule our lives.  

Too much crap? Pardon the vernacular. You need a big bag—start here and build—it will make life on the go easier. Scarves hide kissmarks =P while keeping you warm as you stroll around the mall.  Belts keep your ass from public view (unless you want them to see it!). Survive a bad hair day with a chic hat or naughty cap.  Stop annoying men from hitting on you by flashing a wedding ring on your finger (regardless whether you are married or not). Stash your wedding ring for some innocent flirty fun.

Single and feeling unloved?  Break the ice with great accessories. Start a conversation with an exotic necklace or impressive techie watch at your next party.  Accessories project the person giving that one cute guy who likes you the excuse to talk to you (If he turns out to be a loser, just slap him with your purse –accessories work both ways!)

Let’s stretch the example to relationships in general.

She caught him cheating. She slaps him with her expensive leather bag -- (accessory as weapon), he stops it with his briefcase (accessory as shield), the third wheel flails wildly and decides to call her best friend using her pink gemmed mobile phone (accessory as communication tool), she caught her hair and  tore her extensions (accessory as camouflage), she hits him in the eye,he faces his friends with sunglasses the next day to hide the bruise (accessory as cover up)-- and so on and so forth. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the beauty of accessorising. So don't leave home without it, you don't know when you will need it.

Ok, now that your excited, some last tips before accessory shopping.  First, 

CHECK YOUR WARDROBE.  Conventional wisdom says buy clothes first, then your accessories. NO! Don’t think, “this black bag will go best with my shirt”... buy a shirt that goes well with all your bags.  Unlock your closet and see what you might need. IF you don't own a jacket, you better not buy your first one in Cory yellow. Jackets in Earth tones or black matching your necklaces and bags are a best bet.  
MAKE A LIST.  Is a a new pair of sandals a higher priority than a new necklace?  If your closet tells you you bought everything in red. A new pair of heels with red detailing may just what you need.
IT NEED NOT BE COLOR COORDINATED.  Contrasting or complementing colors work. Blue not only goes with blue. Got it?
KNOW WHAT SUITS YOU.  If the stuff you have now makes you look bad, abandon your  fashion collection. Break free. Find your shade and make it your basic wardrobe shade--build your accessories around it.  Experiment with accessories and shop for clothes that work with them, not the other way around. 

What am I trying to say?
Before you go hogwild with your accessories, build your basic wardrobe first. I'm talking about clean lines, solid colors, simple tops.  Master the art of priming your look effectively by building a basic wardrobe that will go and complement your essential tokens.  An elegant wardrobe needs no accessories whereas modest apparel, thoughtfully chosen, can become elegant using the right accent.  

Do not forget the golden Rule: LESS IS MORE -- unless you are going to a costume party ^.^ then by all means wear that elfin hat. 

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