Monday, July 26, 2010

wishing to be on the beach

on my way to Samal Island
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"Official" Summer months may be over but being in the tropics, summer never really ends.  A beach escapade will always be one of the choices in most Filipino lists of fun and destination. Who could say no to the sparkling blue water, breathtaking sunsets, and night parties along the sand dunes?

And even if you say no...I won't believe you.  

I fell in love with beach, with its water, sand, sunset, and palm treeswhen I was young and even at 26, I still am a beach bum.  But what i love the most is the wind and how it blows my hair and dries my face.  The city just can't give me that.

 So please, please SEAIR, send me a ticket to be part of the beach tour in Boracay. 
 I have visited SEAIR Facebook Fanpage and clicked the like button without any hesitation.  
I held my breath and didn't even blink, uttering my silent prayer to the Saint of the Impossible.  
Put me in Microtel Philippines and let me be the happiest chick in the island. 
Let me take hundreds and hundreds of photos and give me a reason to write something exciting in my blog.  Sigh.

I will be waiting...


rene said...

Happy trip back to Davao, home sweet home...thanks for the long Monday...

13thwitch said...

thanks rene

Puppy Boogie said...

Dear Leah, "You are one of the few things worth could anyone mean more to me than you....sometimes I'm not so my head the wheels are turning...just like the old love songs..."