Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bangkok Wok Escapade

On my way to Bangkok last Aug 7, in the few hours left before our flight, I squeezed myself in between schedules to have dinner with fellow bloggers at Bangkok Wok-- A pretaste of the delectable dishes I will soon relish in the Land of Smiles and conniving tuk-tuk drivers... I only managed to taste three dishes...and they were superb.
Thai Milk Ice Tea
I love this!
 I tasted Yam Pak Boong, crispy kangkong salad in a sweet lime dressing with shrimps and crunchy shallots... Kai Luk Koei, the "son-in-law" eggs -- nope not those's the Thai version of devilled eggs - deep fried hard-boiled eggs with tamarind sauce and fried chili...and Laarb Gai, minced chicken salad with cilantro.

Below are photos of the three dishes that I was able to eat that I stole from Chatee.  And description of taste was helped articulated by Greg Roberts who accompanied me to the dinner.

Yam Pak Boong - Php225
It is crispy, lightly fried, the batter was light and crispy and wasn't greasy at all.  The flavor is distinct and sharp and an excellent combination of ingredients.  It is mainly an appetizer but is also good enough to be eaten as a main course.

Kai Luk Koei - Php95
The son-in-law eggs...eggs were boiled first, then deep fried  and served with a light sauce.  The main flavor mainly came from the deep fried chilis.  The texture of the chili peppers were crispy and the spice of the chili were muted enough by the cooking process so it complements the delicate egg without overpowering it.

Laarb Gai - Php195
Not yet on the menu when it was served to us but will definitely hit the resto as a blockbuster.  Marinated Chicken with a taste of a slight vinegrette. Best eaten as a wrap in lettuce.  Flavorful but not spicy. A perfect to begin a meal before the heavier and more complex dishes.

Chatee, Davao Blogger
Ambiance of the Retaurant was execptionally impressive.  Elegant but not intimidating and tastefully done...A hole in the Mall place *wink...Not your run in the mill, find-it-in-the-mall restaurant.  It is classy and has character...and doesn't use plastic chairs!

Find Bangkok Wok in Robinson's Commercial Complex. 
I will be home at the end of August and the first stop when I hit Davao is Bangkok Wok to officially end my Bangkok trip!
find the one
Bangkok Wok Chef/Owner
kainin mo ha.


Faust said...

Delicious and what else? - yummy.. lols

Rene Caparas said...

After many days of eggplant with egg, friend egg, and chicken delivery at Davao, finally your taste buds meets a raised ante and a connoisseur buffet..von appetit....

13thWiTCH said...

@faust....ilhan kaayo hahahha...

@rene - hhehehe yeppers.

Faust said...

@13th witch Sssshhhh.... honestly.. grabee kalami..

Biyaheng Pinoy said...

Great photos. Yummy food.

13thWiTCH said...

thank you =)