Tuesday, August 24, 2010

running in circles

Where does one go if one finds oneself running in circles?
The redundancy of it all adds to the exhaustion...You think what you are...must you have to? think what you already are? A case of no solution but will always be a display of repetition.   Repetition of what? of almost everything in tow by being you.  But what does it mean to be you?  Ahh and the mind thinks again...and again...and again...until it reaches a conclusion of something you can never be sure of.

The self, the ever evolving self, shifts even before you can wholly understand it, adding confusion to the already tired mind. 
 The soul, the tireless soul, wanders around, shaking the body to the core.
The heart, bleeding even when it's not.
And the mind... sometimes aimless with its goal.

Why do we think of things we want to do and why do we not think when we do things?  
Must we always run amok, blind and naked?
Vulnerable to pain.
Susceptible to deceit.
Hopeful to the impossible.
Grateful to lapses.

How do you pacify and silent but hurting soul?
How do you embrace a frightened child?
Angry at inconsistencies.
Paranoid towards the unknown.

How do you part the lessons needed to be learned?

How do you say silence without uttering a word.

The drama of life.
The chapters of living.
Always tracing a spiral staircase that sometimes go haywire...entangling the reasons and bending them out of shape.  You think you are and then discovers you are not...and then you don't think at all.

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