Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pacquiao also conquers BKK!

My tuk tuk driving showing me
boxing photos
What's the best thing about the tuk-tuk drivers in Bangkok? 
They talk. A lot. 
My tuk-tuk driver on our way to Pradiphat decided early on when I aboard his little tuk-tuk that I am a local. He started to converse in Thai to which I politely smiled and shook my head.  When it was apparent that I was not understanding him, he asked me where I came from.  

I told him Philippines.  
He nodded and brooded over the information and then he slowly got his newspaper.  He asked me in his thick Thai accent..."Do you know Manny Pacquiao?".  

My tuk-tuk driver shows me our champ's column
in the BKK daily newspaper

Now,  regardless of the stupid things Pacquiao threw himself in, the kid is a good fighter.  Let me correct myself..He is a great fighter!  I have been cheering for him ever since I saw him fight years ago, even before he got his belt.  Heck I was in Robinsons Theater to watch him on the big screen...Alone and weirdly making friends with my seatmates in the 1 minute and 50-so seconds the fight lasted. 

I smiled broadly.
Isn't it great that they have heard of our great boxing fighter?  

My tuk-tuk driver informed me that he was invited by the King for his birthday last year. His Majesty the King, General Chetta Thanajaro turned 82 last December 5, 2009 -- birthday is December 5.  If I remember correctly I was on my way to Thailand during this time to celebrate my birthday amongst other things...but Cebu Pacific did not let me in because my passport was not in a good condition!!! Ugh!  So I spent it quietly in a guesthouse somewhere in Manila...good to know some celebrants had a blast =P

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