Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FiFA Fever -- the night of the yellow cards

Bayani getting his flag painted on his face

Don't be impressed. I slept halfway during the game. ehehe! Blame it on the party I attended the night before. Maaan, everybody was cheering at the rooftop, and there I was, at the back on long wood chair, near the food table, sleeping like a dead person **blush blush.

I was awake to see Bayani stomping his feet though. Oranje Team is disappointing him. He is not rooting for Spain, and is convincing everyone to supportOranje Team...He wore all orange, hung orange balloons, wore an orange balloon hat, and has his face painted with the flag of the team he supports...All this in prep for the finals...Awww...He praised Cassilias (of Espana) though...saying.."the toilet is good eh?" =P Here in the feel-huh? what the eff! PHIL, we call the toilet, Kasilyas

AL, the sneaky bastard, brought his laptop with him! He was updating everybody in facebook! hmpf! and I thought I was the blogger in the group!  He started this "eating-calamare-to-ward-off-bad-luck-talk" online. and everybody caught on! *hahaha!

AL also couldn't eat because he was very nervous...what the EF! I pigged out on the cake, Go LEAH! weehehehe!

It was thought to be the "yellow card night" also.  I don't know what to feel everytime a player wince --- be it from Team Spain or Oranje...Everybody was shouting that the Players of Espana were very good actors, wincing as if in real pain...uh...I don't know...looked pretty painful to me waaah!.Was still, ehem, up and watching the players at the projector screen kicking the nearest opponent at every opportunity....uhm...I would have cried, not wince,  if I was subject to such brutal force....hahaha! all I can say is, thank God, it was not me =P  I've grown to like the bald was as if he was made to raise the yellow cards...hahaha!

Oh and the octopus was right eh? 


Anonymous said...

sunugin ang octopus na yun at ang referee!!!! -al

13thWiTCH said...

hhahahahaha! hangtod karon suko pa ka? =P

Anonymous said...

Netherlands played dirty, let me quote the coach
"it doesn't matter what you do, in every game you try to win, and Spain had very good players"

Bonedoc said...

I still want my calamari though... Kudos to David Forlan and Thomas Muller (golden boot and ball)..Bestest!

PS: Update your links to my site below...

13thWiTCH said...

@anonymous - they were pretty aggressive yeah...sad to sa, they were too scattered also =(

@bonedoc - dokie! fifa fevr caught on in your clinic too? weeehhh..wala bang ibreng anlene jan? hehe