Monday, November 29, 2010

Empowered Filipina Activity

We had the EFA last night and was so thankful the Zerdon and Amanda VS was there to assist me in setting up the place and putting things in order.  I was happy to see Sir Seth cruise in whilst we prepare.  I thought he was just there to take photos but surprise! surprise! he took the time to be in the workshop till it ended.  Angie have been raving about Sir Seth, we are so glad he was able to attend *clap clap clap.  
Our resource speaker for that night is another empowered filipina, Ms. Mae Fe Ancheta Templa.  She is one of the strongest women I've known.  She was actually my first executive director in my first job in an NGO years before.  It was generous of her to attend even if she was informed in short notice.  She is currently Kyabaan's managing director. 

The girls who attended last night were all beautiful.  It was exciting to see that they have come to the workshop with the goal to make themselves better.  The value of beauty as it all started starts from the physical but Tita Mae Fe encouraged them to look at their self concept if they are already at the stage beyond the physical concept of one's self and if they are not, are they ready to leap?

I'm glad to hear them say yes.

This activity is spearheaded by 13thWiTCH Design Studio. 
Special Thanks to Anniepie for hosting us.  
We also extend our heartfelt thanks to 
Klea Fifth, Davao Bloggers, Amanda VS, Zerdon King, and Sir Seth.


Unknown said...

Indeed it was awesome.. Thanks Ley..

13thWiTCH said...

thanks tim =)