Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pinoy Global Bazaar

I was at Rockwell last November 6-7 for the Pinoy Global Bazaar! It was a blast! Yes, as usual, I have some shortcomings that only a trusty assistant can fill in, but nonetheless my pieces were sold! I haven't sold all of them but the number of pieces I was able to sell was not bad for my first bazaar try ^.^

I shared the booth with Ethnu and Jacinto and Lirio.  The girls from these companies are so cool and quiet...They also are very nice ^.^ I wish I had my camera working at the bazaar but I was too busy selling. Oh well, next time =D

To all who came by the booth, thank you guys!

with mariposa of Jacinto and Lirio

Noreen of Jacinto and Lirio

Noreen and I

Impressions is my little jewelry venture.  Please find me in Rockwell Grove on Nov 19-21.  I would also be displaying my jewelry pieces at Tin Bersola's Christmas Bazaar in World Trade on November 17-21.

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