Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tin Bersola's Christmas Bazaar @ World BEX

Had my Jewelry display at the world bex at 
Tin Bersola's Christmas Bazaar with the stars.  
It's fun to see singers and entertainers perform 
on stage while we man our booth.  I was also gorging out on 
the food being sold inside the was sooooo yummy.  
I love the Adobo with cheese!
Had my biggest sale on the last day ^.^
Impressions display at world bex
Ate Neng with Impressions Statement Jewelry
Bib Collection
Bazaar Food and Fun
Fellow bazaristas and Ariel Pineda
Only had a few photos of the stars...was busy selling eh hehe!


Unknown said...

whoa, a lot of money...

13thwitch said...

@tim - nye! see you on the 28th =)