Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween at Sm

I was a judge at the Halloween Costume Contest in SM.  I was expecting cool costumes but I was really impressed at how mommies and daddies made up their kids for the party.  It was soo cool.  Characters you never thought you would see.  The creativity in each costume is detailed and astounding.  I even met Chuckie!

Snow White's Evil Stepmom
Snow White's Evil Stepmom after she transformed. hehe
We love Mad Hatter!
Evil Queen
for the Lord of the Rings Fans
Ria can't help it...Ironman!
at mawawala ba ang
traditional na aswang?
Bride of Chuckie
Chuckie tops the bill. the knife.
look at the knife. haha!
The filipino Manananggal
ang cute ng bata, kalbo ^.^
creepy clown
moi with princess Fiona ^.^

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