Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dat Curious Award

Last December 05, Jay a.k.a the "Dat" in Dat curious has posted his 100th blog entry...(clap! clap! clap) -- CONGRATULATIONS!
to commemorate the occasion, he's given out awards to his avid readers, fans, and friends... and i got one. yehey! (yes the blog is about me really, not him, heheheh! - i got an award, i got an award...heheh!)...

Anywyas, what made me love about his blog is not only does he has catchy phrases like - SEX FOR THE CURIOUS MIND, YOUNG AND OLD... but that his blogs are not the typical too ironed, nor too kinky for one to's just the right stuff to make you feel you've learned something it makes you's educational, debatable, and funny. what more can you ask for?... (errr - sundae? sorry man, u have to buy your own whipped cream)... His blogs are particularly varied as it plays around the subject of sex - from laws to positions - a typical guy mentality (they think about sex 70% of the time) -- only this time, it's worth the while and supervised. hehehe...



Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...

lol yes, the blog is all about you ;-) lol... and my blog might be from a guys perspective, but we ALL know women think about sex more than guys... they just don't show it as much ;-)


cathara said...

So we both got an award! haha! i made a speech about it too and placed your link in my blog.

anyway, would you agree that women think about sex more than guys?
hhmmm...i'd like to consider myself as just imaginative lol!


13thWiTCH said...

@ catea - hehehe! how does that song goes? "a lady on the street but a freak on the bed"...go girl!

@ jay - we women make guys like you think about it on purpose or not. haha!