Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Something from Thailand


Fast Facts about Thailand - (

all text in blue including the picture of food (other pics are from my friend) is from the website listed above. The author, Panrit "Gor" Daoruang, is the most famous internet "teenager" in thailand and is now currently in prison for reasons not clear to me. He is still writing and has published a book where all funds go to his daughter's trust fund for her education.
  • A minor producer of opium, heroin, and marijuana; major illicit transit point for heroin en route to the international drug market from Burma and Laos; eradication efforts have reduced the area of cannabis cultivation and shifted some production to neighboring countries; opium poppy cultivation has been reduced by eradication efforts; also a drug money-laundering center; role in amphetamine production for regional consumption; increasing indigenous abuse of methamphetamines and heroin.Most expensive pet wedding
  • Who: Phet and Ploy
    When: Sep-1996
    Where: Thailand
    What: $16,241 USD

    In September 1996, two rare “diamond-eyed” cats, Phet and Ploy, were married in matching pink outfits at a ceremony in Thailand's biggest discotheque. It cost Phet’s owner, Wichan Jaratarcha, 410,979 Thai Bhat ($16,241).

    The cost of the lavish wedding ceremony was topped up by a dowry of 587,127 Thai Bhat (US$23,202). It was attended by 500 guests, who gave the newlywed cats about 15,183,000 Thai Bhat (US$60,000) in cash and wedding presents. Wearing pink satin, the bride, Ploy, owned by a friend of Phet's owner, arrived in a Rolls Royce, while Phet himself came by helicopter. A parrot was best man, an iguana was maid of honor, and Ploy even received a kitty wedding ring. Although now married, the cats live apart, each with their respective owners. Both cats have a rare optical defect known as diamond eye, a type of glaucoma, which in Thailand is believed to be a symbol of good luck.

  • Thai people are used to eating rice with their meal. Most Thai people can't have sandwiches for their meal. They call sandwiches a snack. Also, most Thai people do not sit down to eat a proper meal because they usually eat when they are hungry, especially kids and teenagers. If you know some Thai person, you might hear them say "gin khao yung" every time you meet them. It means "have you eaten yet?" or more precise "have you eaten rice yet?". If you come to Thailand and stay with a Thai family then be careful you don't put on too much weight! All of the visitors that have come to stay at our school always go home weighing more!

Where are you?!

A friend of mine went to Thailand to look for stuff and to just waste time and money ( i don't know about the second one, it's an opinion...heheheh!) He went to pataya and the river kwai...had elephant treks and stubbed his toe on one waterfall trip (what klutz)... and I was able to cajole him to share some photos. Something that he is not enthusiastic about coz he is a bit of a prude. He snapped at some scenes and he's managed to give it to me without a fuss....sheesh...unfortunately,he sent them without a caption...oh well, if these places and faces are them and name them, please. As I havent been to Thailand and doesn't know an inkling as to what they are... ^.^

His name is jacob but I fondly call him yakov. His name in his native tongue. He is a jew and I've met him because I said something about Hitler and that pissed him off. He scolded me for days about it... I guess everytime he remembers that he grits his teeth and just wants to strangle me...but I've worked my way around any future strangulations from him by sweetly convincing him that i'm his favorite and that he needs to adopt me as I need someone to finance my chocolate and ice cream addiction (he owns an ice cream parlor) -- plus I need someone to knock me off or smack my ass back to reality that life isn't all that sweet. We sometimes hate eachother's guts because we just do. He is indifferent to almost everything and he loves to point out that I am lost. grrrr.... He is adamant on world domination. He is an alien. He is adorable, but he bites. Dangerous to have as a pet...I suggest to sedate him first before anything else ^.^

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