Monday, December 17, 2007

Sex makes women thinner...and men -- bigger?!

I was watching the Oprah Show with Dr. Oz as a guest. The topic is about losing weight...through sex. Yes, yes...we all heard it. Sex is a great way to sweat off those fats...but as Oprah said, it's not about the calories -- unless ur doing it up on a chandelier or making sit ups while humping. Dr. OZ said that there is a part in our brain where when we make love, not just casual sex, we feel loved and we feel we belong in a 'community' <--- yeah, it's a fag way to explain it.Anyways, signals are given to our brain, as we become sexually satisfied , to not make us eat. We feel less inclined to eat as we hump our way to satisfaction. SO the more sex we get, the less likely we are to be voracious eater. So the more sex we have - the thinner we are likely to become.

One thing that made me stop doing what I was doing and just concentrate on what was being said was when the added bonus (as Dr. Oz phrased it) was announced. Now we women, when we get thinner or smaller, we tend to feel pretty and sexier. Men, however, if they lose 30-35 pounds of weight, THEY GAIN ONE INCH IN PENIS LENGTH.

That is something I never heard of before!

What a way to motivate men to lose weight...

So for guys who got partners already, the more you hump, the more you lose weight, the bigger you get. CONGRATULATIONS...that's a win win situation! hhehe!

For guys who cannot find a partner because of their 'size", i say, hit the gym fellows! your life is depending on life that is. ^.^


Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...

lol i might just have to look more into that and post it on my sex blog! don't worry! i'll give you credit, of course!


13thWiTCH said...

sure sure ^.^