Monday, December 10, 2007

give me a farewell kiss

special moments are often moments tha don't last a lifetime...but those moments are tend to be remembered forever...they get stuck somewhere between the right hemisphere of our brain and our tonsils - where we the push button is readily available for pushing. they haunt us and often brings about memories we would always think to be too good to be true...or too scary that we ask ourselves why we did it.

they fly too fast.
they taste so sweet...
and it often warms the soul or leaves us cold...whichever comes first.
so goodbyes become so hard when preceded by such an experience...
goodbyes doesn't really matter without those experiences.
Goodbyes are not necessary between people who treat eachother as strangers.
Even enemies, as they say goodbye to eachother feel a sense of nostalgia and a loss of purpose especially when they've hated eachother for a long time.
Goodbyes doesn't have any meaning between two indifferent people who could care less if you walk out that door...
Goodbyes only hurt if you don't want to say it.

But goodbyes are enivitable. Every beginning has an end just as life has death. But goodbyes are also choices... others kisses eachother's cheek as a sign of farewell because they chose to, others just do it inspite of themselves. We human beings just love to cut ourselves deep...just to know if we are still alive...coz the fact of the matter is, a too-sweet-life is numbing...and goodbyes are knives to make us bleed to live again...

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