Sunday, December 09, 2007

after the curtain closes

you cannot believe the flashing lights. And so many people are waiting to take your pictures. Roses are being thrown at your feet with the crowd cheering your name. They want more, they crave for more than what's being offered. They clap their hands in a rythm, seducing you to again give the performance of your life...but when the bulbs die down. after the people have become tired of the noise and the laughter. after the stage has been go back to your own little self - euphoric for a moment - but definitely deafened by the silence. You ask for sleep but your mind gives you no rest. You clamor for the bed, but its empitness gnaws at your soul. Your tandem has left...and your not on the stage anymore.

The phone rings. You pick it up. And somehow, that call transcends the distance...but its not enough. Never enough. And like the crowd that hum the name you long for. you sing the melody of missing the company. you dance in loneliness...making yourself sick by sending blank stares at the blank walls. You are not Sad. But you are not overjoyed. You are suspended...until the phone rings again.

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