Tuesday, December 11, 2007

freeze my life

photo by sierra satana from

the remote control pls.

when life is so fast and people are constantly going in and out of your life, don't you wish the remote control is at hand for you to push the pause button.

For others, that remote control is the cigarette break they have. For some, it's that thoughtless joyride to nowhere. For the few, it's that ten-minute silence they strive so hard to accomplish. For most of us, the remote cannot seem to be found.

and so our lives, goes on and on and we watch it helplessly go by. All the while thinking, "if only that remote can be found" so that we can switch channel if we are going through an episode we don't wanna watch, if it is a moment we don't wanna be in...We watch our relationship do good or go bad, we watch ourselves grow old and our faces get oily. we watch at our happy hours with fondness and we cringe everytime a horrible mistake was made. Life is fun -- until we wish for the remote for many prolong that excitement we are feeling, to fast forward when we are hurting, to freeze the sunset, to rewind the courtship, to stop it all when we can't breathe anymore, to change channel when we are hating ourselves, to click...just because and for no particular reason...

if you happen to stumble upon the remote, which by the way is invisible in color, weightless, whose functions offers a myriad of possibilities including the impossible...then maybe...just maybe...that's the remote we have been looking for. If so -- pls be kind enough to knock at my door...and give me enough time to smile before you push the freeze button.

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